First postgrad run and looking ahead

Like many of the graduates, I was facing uncertainty when it comes to the big question: now what? I found myself not too excited about doing 10K as I was when originally started this programme. Like with every fitness/diet plan, the maintenance can prove to be much more difficult than doing the programme itself. Reason is we all need some kind of structure, as well as short and long term goals.

My graduation run was amazing, I bravely decided to set my app to run 5K distance, rather than 30 mins. I just felt I can do it, based on really smooth first 2 week 9 runs. And I did it. In (slow) 40 minutes, but I didn't want to chance it and try faster (although I felt I could have).

Yesterday I talked to myself and set a goal. It is not 10K, half marathon, park run or anything similar. My goal is to stay fit and become even fitter if possible. In order to do that, I have set a minimum of 2 runs per week that I should maintain throughout my (wait for it) lifetime. It will be long battle. It won't be easy. But the reward is my health, fitness, confidence, but most importantly being there for my family.

And last evening I went for my first free run, trying to beat my graduation time. This time I did not care about being slow or worrying about finishing. It was brave new run and I managed to shave off 3 minutes from my 5K time (finishing at 37). I felt great and had this feeling (first time ever): 'look at me, I am a runner'. It is hard to explain, it could be that runner's high everyone was talking about. It came just when I needed it.

Looking at the stats afterwards, I have noticed that my first km had 6:21 pace. I have slowed down later as the terrain was not that forgiving, but still proud of the accomplishment. That also gives me incentive to set some kind of mini-goal, like running 5K under 30 minutes.

What really motivates me is actually this community. I love seeing older post from few years ago and then confirming that some of those people from the past are still active today. That makes me think I can be one of them and inspire others to do the same.


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  • Well done Ench! Graduating from C25k and the follow on from is completely up to you . You can run now how and when, or as often as you like. That's the beauty of it once you have running in your locker. Running for health and fitness, and maybe to stay slim, sounds a fab idea. There is no hard and fast rule though. You might end up running more often or less often as your life permits. Being fluid about your plans sounds much more fun and less stressful

    I hope it all goes well for you. Good luck and bon voyage!

  • You can absolutely stick with it! I'm three years in now. I've never run 10k ( 8k is my longest) I've never done 5k in 30 minutes. I often decide to run/walk.

    But I just love it. I am lucky to have countryside on my doorstep and although I run and re-run the same routes I enjoy watching the seasons change, the crops grow and ripen in the fields. I am lucky enough to see deer, buzzards, red kites and hares occasionally. I run twice or three times a week, intersperse that with Tai Chi, Pilates and walking and feel reasonably fit and very alive.

    You just have to find what works for you. Some people need a target to drive them, others like me are just content to be in the moment. Mix it up to find your 'happy'.

    Enjoyment is the key!

  • what a delightful post.... I am one of the 'oldies' on here, its where I started in 2013 and I hope to be here till my last run ( on the day I die obvs)!!!! I love the goal you have given yourself and I hope you find the wonderful joy of discovering new places, terrain and nature. Running has given me a new found love of being in nature and its incredibly healing too. I will look out for your posts as you mature into your running :)

  • That's what I'm talking about. I wish to find my long term drive as you guys did. So far I'm more than happy with were I am (apart from being good few stones away from my ideal weight). I'll keep on going, I'll keep on dreaming. And hope to write about it.

  • What a fab post! That's a great goal ench0 and definitely achievable.

    I've been running for three years now and have run, give or take for sickness or injury, three times every week in that time. It becomes not so much a habit but just something you do like brushing your teeth (but much nicer and bringing more joy!).

    Good luck to you and enjoy your running as I'm sure you will πŸ€—

  • Brilliant plan ench. 😊

    I had no aspirations to do 10k either, but the possibility...just sort of creeps up on you...Now doing almost 8k with walk breaks which is 51 mins, but also doing fun runs out and about.Not in any hurry to get to the magic 10, but the carrot (badge) is there in the distance.🎊

    Keep enjoying your runs and posting about them, its a lovely supportive community.😊

  • Well done on your run, I still haven't got a clue what my speed are. I'm re-running the c25k and enjoying it immensely even Laura's music seems a lot more enjoying than the first time.

    For me, I was a bit worrying what will happen once I graduated and was concerns I would not be as discipline with my running but found out I'm as discipline and stubborn to finish each run as the first without cheating.

    My aim is to finish the c25k second time round and my goal is to achieve 5k in 30 minutes or thereabout.

    I've already joined the local park run near me and eager to join the pros and see how far back I am and aim to catch up with them. lol

    As mentioned before once you've graduated you can do what you like, how you like, all in all enjoy your runs.

    Wishing you the best.


  • You've voiced what so many of us want - and yet we fear it won't happen. I graduated in March and have been running 3-4 times a week (except when ill or on holiday) since then. I still feel my hold on this running lark is precarious, that one cold or injury could take me out and I may never get back into it again. I want it to become a habit - and after 7 months it is. But there is always a big BUT!

    Your plan sounds sensible! Enjoy!

  • I completely agree ench0 ...I want this to be for a lifetime, and enjoying it so much more important than the stats. It's more likely to keep one going as for this community, I can't say enough good stuff! It's the best!

  • Yep. All this community support felt a bit superficial at first, coming from people you never met. But it works. We are suckers for compliments and encouragement I guess. But. It. Really. Works. πŸ˜€

    That's why I'll continue posting and help others as it meant a world of difference to me. In all that's happening around us, it brings back basic belief in goodness of people.

  • Oh felt very genuine to me from the start. Love being part of it!

  • Sorry, haven't phrased that properly. When I was outsider considering the programme and seeing other people's posts and replies, I was thinking 'this can't be right'. I was involved with other (techies and devs) discussion groups where most people were either jealous or rude. So I approached everything cautiously. But once I started posting and getting replies I've realised that there was something more to it.

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