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First NAKED run....😊

Well... I think I mentioned my daughter's wedding which was taking up a lot of my time and energies 👰. Its done. It couldn't have gone better and we all had a fabulous week. Yes week. The wedding was in Derbyshire and we live in Surrey. We were hosting it ourselves in a large country house which has 12 apartments for the guests to stay in. Phew it was hard work but worth it for my daughter to have the wedding she dreamed of...

Anyway, my last run was on 9th June...!!!

Hubby out playing golf today, and although I have a slight niggle at the top of my left leg when I walk fast, I don't feel it when I run.

Put on my kit, and reached for my MP3.thinking of doing stepping stones cos its nice and steady..BUT what's battery power. Reach for my hubbys ipod, at least I can do Week9 R3, but also flat...

SO NAKED it was. NO music NO Laura NO beat NO idea how long I had run for.

I did take my phone to map my run on but that lost signal and didn't record properly.

Just me and my breathing then, I tried to start slowly, but feel a bit self-consious to begin with. I did my flat route but did my warm up walk in a direction that would give me more running route. I loved it. When I felt a bit breathless I just eased up a tad, but by the time I was at my furthest point, my breathing was back to normal and I felt comfortable. I remembered all of Laura's tips, shoulders down, drive with your arms, cycle motion with your feet.. but running in silence was actually fine!!

I ran and ran without feeling like I needed to stop and when I got as far as I wanted I put an extra spurt on at the end.

Total run time 43 mins. Including a 5 min walk either side. So 33 mins. Not bad for a rusty old graduate who has been slacking of late.😉

Think I will charge my MP3 for next time though...

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Bit scared of running naked post graduation so enjoyed your post. Will try it but thinking I will need to keep Laura for a bit! Just shows you do t really need all the tech. Just running kit and the great outdoors. Sounds like a lovely wedding.☺

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I meant to reply to this yesterday.

Sounds like you had a lovely time... up close to me in Derbyshire...I would have given you a wave!

Your run sounds super; it is odd without anything at first, but then, it just gets better!

It is odd too, how Laura stays with us.. with me it is always the "lift your feet in a cycling motion" and , "finish in style"!!!

You ran for a long time and obviously enjoyed it... not bad for a NAKED runner :)x

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Hi Floss, yes we had a great time. Derbyshire is so pretty, after the wedding we had a couple of days to unwind, so revisited Mam Torr and Dovedale. ( and the Chatsworth farm shop of course)

Shame we didn't have room for my running gear (one of the bridesmaids brought hers!)

It must be lovely running in that beautiful countryside. x😊

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Glad the wedding went well. Sounds like your daughter and you put a lot of work into it. I like running without music, commentary, gadgets but sometimes I just need a strong beat or for Laura to take me firmly back in hand and stop me slacking. Sounds like that run was just what you needed.

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Thanks boptillyoudrop. Yes, definately gave me confidence that I could still manage 30 mins even without any gadgetry and after a break.

P.s Also we did boptillwedropped at the wedding. 3.30am!! 😊 now there's stamina. x


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