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First outside run. Wk1 run 3

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Felt really strange getting ready to go for a run outside. My first 2 walk/runs were in the gym . I'm planning to do 2 in the gym then Saturday morning getting up and out for the 3rd run.

Beautiful if blustery morning and already it feels a different experience. I do the brisk walk warm up heading towards Ackworth turn the corner and face a hill - a steep steep hill - just as Laura says okay time for your 1st run so first minute run and I'm already out of breath I remember Laura saying to go slow I did and I got there , heavy breathing in my recovery 90 seconds but I recovered and from then on although hilly it was steadier. My heart lifted just from getting out on a beautiful day running RUNNING okay only for a minute at a time but RUNNING

I thoroughly enjoyed it and next week I will run the other way and run down that hill as my last run 😊

Start of wk1r3 just around the bend

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Well done each week is a great feeling to complete

Jacqui-O in reply to Cuig1975

Thanks. yes Cuig1975 it is a great feeling 😁 I look forward to next weeks runs 😊


Well done. Hills at the beginning are difficult, your body hasn't yet got the idea you are running, but you did it so a great achievement. Good plan for next week regarding running the other way round, at least whilst you are building your running legs, be kind to yourself πŸ˜ƒπŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸ»

Jacqui-O in reply to Millsie-J

Millsie-J thank you 😊


Yeay... the great outdoors.. it is an amazing feeling isn't it ? Hills.. you just learn to love them.. yes you do !

All of my, 'now it is time to run' bits.. always fell on hills!!! I just laugh at them now.. in between gasping for breath :) Go you x

Jacqui-O in reply to Oldfloss

I shall let you know when I love ❀️ those hills lol. But actually think I know what you mean and as I get fitter and stronger then I'll be running πŸƒ up that hill - song there- and definitely Great Outdoors.


Anyone who runs hills has my respect , but to them so early in the programme - you have my awe also! :)

Jacqui-O in reply to Irish-John

πŸ˜† lol thank you Irish-John - I did take it slow πŸ˜†

Irish-JohnGraduate in reply to Jacqui-O

But you did it ☺


Well done Jacqui-O :)

Glad you enjoyed your last run, and yeah, those hills can be a nightmare, but they are good for us (apparently!) :D So, keep at it if you can.

Those 1 minute runs will soon be 20+ minute runs! :)

Good luck with the rest of the plan.

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