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First run if week nine ... My best run yet?

Just came in from my very first ever 30 minute run and am fair chuffed that I did it. I am also surprised at just how well it went. I actually felt pretty good all through it. I will try to track the distance but I don't think it was near 5k!

I plan to have a go round the park run track ( on my own) in the next week or two, after I complete the programme.

Some of the music was actually quite good this time, well, compared to some of the other weeks. Will stock with Laura for next two runs though, then the iPod is my oyster.

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So nearly there. Well done. I remember thinking that since I had done one 30 min run in week 9 that I could claim my graduate status, but stuck to the accepted form and completed the three runs. My W9R2 was a wonderful and empowering morning run back in balmy August, only to be followed by the grad run itself on a sticky Friday evening, after food and a long week at work. It was a slog...I couldn't believe how hard it was.

My point is, that you owe it to yourself to set up some decent conditions for your graduation run, to make it a true celebration of your completion of this life changing scheme, complete with happy memories.

Good luck with the week.


Meant to reply to you but repliedto myself instead... Please read post below. Thanks again!


hi Iannoda, good to hear from you and thanks for the encouragement. I really appreciate your comments and will do my best to set things up so I have two good runs to finish the programme.

My last run in Soller was a complete slog too! I did keep on running and managed 5 runs in 11 days. the first 3 were along the promenade ( which is now totally complete and no tram tracks and broken concrete to trip over). I also did one though the town early on the Sunday morning which was fine as there were few cars to risk life and limb, but my last run there was out on a wee track that I thought would be great, but there were far too many wee hills. I was struggling from the first 3 minutes, and it only got worse. I did finish it but didn't enjoy it at all so was a bit apprehensive this morning.

Last two runs if the programme will be on the same route as I did this morning. Flat railway line with nice views!


Great that you kept running while on holiday. I would love to return to the Soller area, we were there three years ago, this time for running and walking, but I can imagine that some of those hills get to be a bit too much at times. What was the temperature like?


I have been there 6 times now and just love it. The temperature was hot between 26 and 35 degrees. There is no way I could run in that heat but we got up and It was great to be out running by 8am before the sun got up. Swam every day too!


well done! we will be graduates very soon!


Thanks Deb, I am so chuffed and think we have done really well and it does say something about what you can achieve if you put your mind to it. I think the ripples of succeeding at this may extend to my trying other new thngs too. My daughter is living in New York State at the moment and is really enjoying kayaking. I am thinking that would be good for my upper arms so might be trying that out too!


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