Couch to 5K

week 6 run 3 im a runner apparently:)

as normal took me a while to get out for run 4 days to be exact:) finally got in right frame of mind this afternoon, then nearly didnt go cause spent bout 20mins sorting armband holder thingy out!! does anybody else have this problem?? brought new one yesterday as last one kept falling down my arm, velcro was rubbish anyway new one lot better but i now have iphone and i find it quite a faff to put laura on and endomondo, sort house keys out, put it on my arm, sweatshirt over the top you get the picture? Suppose i could put under sweatshirt?? problems problems, managed to stop laura while putting in pouch, then realised hadnt put in ear plugs which had to thread through tiniest of holes by that time endomondo thought i had run 1k and had to restart, very stressfull, was all wind up when i started!!!! Finally got outside and it started to rain, but i was quite pleased! proberly the only person in the country but ive really found the hot weather hard to run in, the rain was very refeshing and as a added bonus was not so many people around to stare:)) First 5 mins was good but was disappointed when Laura said 5 mins as it felt like 20!! after that must admit i struggled kept going though, think i may have twisted right thigh if thats at all possible, was trying to keep going but was also running slightly to the right up a small gradient to get on a path, right leg really didnt like that! Finally Laura anoused the last 60 secs shes quite a comedian, said something about feeling good so go for it its your last minute, well Laura i can tell you i was feeling far from good!! All that said ive done it!! Really looking forward to week 9 so theres no increase in what im running think i may then start enjoying more and wont feel so shattered when i get back!! Anyway thanks for listening to my long sort of possibly boring blog/rant, week 6 done, week 7 here i come!!

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Your blog raises a smile and a laugh. You are doing really well coping with all those little frustrating preparations. The other day I borrowed my husbands phone as my mp3 players were both playing up. I kept saying how quiet it was and he kept saying turn it up, so I did, a few times in fact. Then I realised a few minutes into my run that the earphones were not even in my


laughing... :) are you sure we are safe to be let out Lol


Now you really are a runner!! Great stuff.

I also love running in the rain and dread the heat!

Sometimes I find myself 'faffing' with ipod/water/tissues etc and my son says 'stop procrastinating and get out there!'

I love it when he says that.

Only because it's quite a big word for a teenage boy, you understand ;)


had the same problem with armband for phone....resolved at the mo as it's in sweatshirt pocket but not sure what i'm going to do once it gets warm in the mornings!

Well done on completing w6r3 you proper runner you! :)


Ooo you should see me too! Sort my ipod, set my phone to MapMyRun so I can track distance, sort out my WW pedometer so it works out my Activity Points, set my Polar watch to track my heart rate - it is SO funny!

I love all the technology though - makes running more interesting!



well done :) you name is so fitting now you real runner you!

I have to put vaseline on my arm otherwise the armstrap leaves me with a big red sore rub mark. ha, the things we do for this running lark. what fun :)


Tee hee - I've got a new Nike+ Sportband but it needs calibrating as it was telling porkies about how far I'd run (oooh and it's SO fussy about the quality of the run you use to calibrate it with!!) - so I too ended up with my Sportband, the Mapmyrun app on my Android (to try and find the real distance), plus Laura week 9 on my Zen (MP3 player)! When I started my run I had to press about 3 different buttons - no wonder my time wasn't great :-).

The outcome: GPS failed so Mapmyrun said I had run 0:00 miles in 0:00 minutes at a speed of 0:00 miles per hour. And Nike+ told me there were 'no valid runs' to calibrate from. Told my son who is about to go to Loughborough Uni to study Industrial Design and he has promised to devise something better!!! (hopefully he'll find plenty of athletes there to practise on too).

Oh what fun!!!


Well done ! That's my next run so hopefully I'll soon be a runner too ;-)


Wow, I'm seriously behind on the technology front.

Well done on becoming a runner, its something I cant wait to hear Laura say!


hello proper runner :)

I am starting to wonder about what on earth I'm going to do without a pocket... I've been eyeing up those armband things with some suspicion...


Well done! I was so pleased to get that run done at the weekend. I've just done w7r1 and it was a bit harder to start with but I kept going and actually ran an extra 3 minutes at the end. I think it is the middle bit that is the hardest when you feel like you've been going for ages but you're only half way through. I think you did really well to get out there after all the hitches to start off!


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