My first 5K!

Twilight Race for Life 5K tonight . I did it!! I'm sure Laura would say it was far too early in the programme (I 'm only on week 4 run 1) but the opportunity came up and I thought, well, I can always walk it. As it turned out I simply did the programme to the end then reset it and skipped the warm up and did about half the programme again and lo and behold I was going through the finish! I have rarely felt so exhilarated. 38 minutes! I am 67 and haven't run since my schooldays when I ALWAYS came last in every race. Tonight I actually overtook a few people! Well done me!! Proof, if ever there was that It's never too late to start running :-) :-) :-)

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  • Oh well done, you must feel so proud! And to do it at week four! You really are a runner.

  • 38 mins? 5k? Week 4? 67?!?!?

    I am truly in awe! Well done! You're an inspiration!

  • Well done you, great achievement so early in programme.

  • Aa

    Ah thanks everyone! I have just woken up and am still buzzing!

  • Well done that's a great time! I did the same last week - I was at week 5. It was a great experience & I too amazed myself by getting through. I did 37 mins & was pleased, but I'm 23 years younger than you. (I set off with the joggers and got trapped at the start - that's my excuse & I'm sticking to it). Well done again!!!

  • Thanks jetsetjh. I didn't realise I could factor in that excuse. Obviously if it weren't for the hordes of pesky joggers and their dogs at the start I would have been loads faster! I have been looking up the local park runs this morning and think I may enrol as they are run at our local racecourse which is both flat and traffic free. My 43 year old son, who was also a school running failure, just ran his first marathon (Berlin) in 3 hours 12 minutes which is what inspired me to start. He is very supportive of my efforts and says my chances of getting on a podium at some stage are quite high 'Because there's so much less competition at your age mother'!

  • Haha! That was nice of him. But what an amazing time for his marathon. I'm not setting my sights at a marathon but may join the local park run - the one near me is nice & flat too! Have a great weekend.

  • Wow, well done! I did it as well but was 'running' with a friend who's pregnant, so every time she felt uncomfortable we would walk - we did it in 47 minutes. I'll get to your level one day ;) (I just finished week 3)

  • Fortunately I am too old to have friends who are pregnant! How do you feel this morning? I am no more achey than usual but I put that down to adrenaline... What I found surprising was that the first three minute run felt hard but they seemed to get steadily easier and by the end of the second 5 minute run I felt I could easily have carried on running. I think the secret must lie in going slowly enough to be comfortable. At the beginning, everyone seemed to be running faster than me but as I said, by the end I was actually passing people, though I'm sure I was going at the same pace as when I started.

  • I have a sore knee that's normally not there but not sure if it was purely because of the effort or because of the cold (or both). I think you're right, the pace seems to be the key. I'm doing a Santa Dash in December, I'm hoping to actually run that one :)

  • That's amazing! I've set the Race for Life as my goal at the end of the programme so for you to do it now is incredible! Enjoy the high! :-D

  • Thank you Jenwrenarm. I am still enjoying it! I'm really looking forward to my next run tomorrow. I have long recognised that I have an addictive personality so I should have known I was asking for trouble in starting this programme, but there are worse kinds of trouble (and I've tried most of them over the years ;-) )

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