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Heading into the final stretch

Another thirty five minute run but I am paying for it now. For the first time ever have a sore knee I hope and pray its better after a days rest because I am so near to finishing. Took some ibuprofen but am working a full day tomorrow all of it on my feet ;( was so chuffed as well hadn't intended to run for thirty five mins but the end is in sight and even though 5k isn't doable in 30mins I think with a little bit extra effort 4 might be. Fingers crossed

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I hope your knee is okay, but please look after it rather than pushing on regardless and possibly straining it even further. Fingers crossed for you.


Hi, hope your knee recovers soon, but dont run on a sore knee! I tried last week and have made mine really bad, have had to rest it for the week and am still in pain. You have done really well, so a bit of rest and ibuprofen, ice and heat and you will be up and running again sooner than me!!!x


Thanks for your comments should be running today but am having an extra days rest will do run 2 tomorrow then aiming to graduate Sunday.


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