Heading to the IC

Heading to the IC

So what a lovely evening for a nice long run. Not. Damn hamstring went twang again. Tried to run/hobble on but gave up and headed home. Foam rollering for me and I was going so well at the start. It was beautiful out there so although I only did 5.58k it was great apart from the sharp pain down the back of my leg.

Anyone know how I can stop this happening. Maybe I didn't fully recover last time.


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22 Replies

  • Sorry to hear that, GF. :-( I've just had an achey hamstring too so I know it's not very nice. Did anything happen to prompt it or did it just twang without warning?

    Rest, foam roll, Ibuprofen (the gels are good) ice and generally RICE. :-)

  • It went a couple of weeks ago but RICE worked really well but it just went without warning again

  • so so sorry thats such a bummer....did you do a full 5 minutes warm up walk and start reaaaaaalllly slowly. I really feel for you because thats the worst..... take care :)

  • Thanks JJ yes a full 5 minutes but probably went off too quickly

  • Do you have tight hamstrings? Try regular hamstring stretches if you don't already do them.

  • I didn't think so notbad but now I'm wondering. I normally only stretch after a run I think I probably need to start going to my wifes pilates to get them stretched out

  • Sorry to hear that GF, pesky hamstrings . Take care, rest and hope you are rarin' to go again soon :-) xxx

  • Thanks PP. Just been rollering it but it now hurts sitting down and getting up. Bummer

  • Bad news GF. Hope the RICE and Ibuprofen gel do the trick for you. :)

  • Thanks epicmum buy shares in ibuprofen gel

  • Awww GF, bless ya. Rest and you will soon be back up and running ;-)

  • Thanks Belinda

  • Oh no GF, just seen your run on Garmin Connect. That is such a bugger. I don't really know what to suggest except for more RICE and maybe once you start running again to make a concerted effort to build up from very slow very short runs.

    Good luck.

  • I could see on the pace where it went and I then tried to run on it

  • I think you are right about the pilates! Yoga stretches too. Generally doing anything exercise wise to keep them supple. I do my physical jerks in the front room, but it's working. She says with fingers crossed.

    Going off too fast! What are you like!

    I hope you feel better real quick!

  • Is that star jumps and the like? I'm not sure the warm up walk is enough to stretch my hamstrings

  • Absolutely! Star jumps, jumping jacks, butt kicks (I use those when I'm running, when I begin to flag and my legs seem to be flagging, I do a series of quick butt kicks to get the blood pumping through a bit better. Shoulder rolls, arm crosses, walking lunges. Oh all sorts really. Balancing type exercises with weights too as they help strengthen the feet and ankles. Yoga is good for balancing and stretching and in that there's downward dog, standing forward fold, seated forward fold, lunge pose, head to knee pose. You could do aerobics/zumba. Squats, tricep dips, lunges, jumping jacks, shuttle runs, sit ups, burpees, step ups and skipping (( bought a skipping rope!) I do Jillian Michaels DVD's at home as I can't afford the gym. I think it all adds up to strengthen our frame to support our running. As does walking, cycling and swimming too. Your sleep will improve no end! LOL

  • thanks MW i feel tired just reading that

  • Oh no! I wondered who'd sidled up alongside me on the IC..... I'm still here with my darn ankle tendonitis thing... hurt after a walk last night so not running today either... grrrr... 4 days!

    Not sure what to say GF except "do everything you're doing now" and perhaps see a physio if you can who might have some ideas on strengthening exercises and the like...

    Rest up and go easy when you're pain free... :(

  • 'Fraid so Aussie sorry to hear you're crocked too. Might need the physio

  • I'm still hoping to run the 10k on Sunday but lets see! Today has been better but not 100%... Will be at London Zoo regardless as the family have tickets... Will be horrid if I cant run but better than long term damage...

  • Definitely look after yourself. Hope it is better

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