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In the home stretch!

Just finished my first week 9 run today! So this is what it's like to run for thirty minutes -- cool!

This was also my first time running in the rain. Although all of my runs have been outdoors, I have been very lucky with weather over the past two months... until now. It ran all day today and, since this was a "run day" (not a "rest day"), I had to get out there. Came back drenched, but very glad to have run.

Two more to go! I should have that "GRADUATE" badge by Wednesday!

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Congrats on your 30 minute run! Good for you not letting the weather stop you.

Just two more runs and you are there!


Thanks! Can't believe I'm nearly there! :-D


Great stuff, IronMatt, roll on graduation day!


Almost there! Looks like there have been a lot of graduations lately. That's excellent, and I'm quite happy to be one more. Three more days!


Hi IronMatt - wow... was it raining when you started? Haven't had any rain yet (W5R2) so not really sure what to expect. Were you wearing any special running in the rain geat at all or is getting drenched just part of running life d'you think?????


It was drizzling when I started, and I had every reason to expect that it would continue (which it did). This knowledge didn't thrill me... but I really wanted to stay on track for my Wednesday graduation.

I'm sure that there are waterproofs that I could wear to make running in the rain easier but, to be honest, I'm no expert on the gear that is available. I bet other people here would have much better answers about that than me. Since I don't own any cool gear, I just put on a t-shirt and sweats, then did my run. Took off my eyeglasses partway through, as they were too wet to be useful; came home soaked.

At the time, it was not the most fun run I've done. However, I am still glad that I did it, as it got me into Week 9, kept me from falling behind in the schedule... and gave me a certain "badass" feeling for having not let the rain deter me.

Off to do Week 9 Run 2 in a little while, and very happy to report that the sky here is clear, blue, and DRY! ;)


Hey BadAss... I'm so impressed :-)... Good luck with Run 2 - hope it goes really well for you. What d'you think you'll do after C25K?? I can't imagine life without Laura - have you started thinking about it? Let me know if you find any good ways of moving on. Off you go then - ENJOY!!!


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