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Still steeping on the stones

Hi there just thought I would check in with my progress and I use this term loosely. Today I did my fourth run since graduation. Must admit I have slipped from running

three times a week am finding it hard after the euphoria of completing the c25k programme. Still not managing to run the full 5k and need some structure to get me there so am looking at interval training with one longer run a week as a way to go. Am however running for thirty five mins so not all bad. I still read the posts and I must tell you that some of your achievements are amazing and make me want to keep on plodding on. Happy running everyone

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Lovely to hear from you. :)

I've lost the routine a bit too: think I've done five or six runs but they've been grabbed moments when back from work for about 20 mins or so - no nice distances or durations to get settled into :(

Also just had a few days holiday in Italy, so although I have walked my legs off and made my hips sore doing all the touristy things, I am missing my running. I did buy a magazine at the airport called 'women's running' ... great reading while flying or sitting around at airports! Feeling inspired to get out there again and re-find my form! We can do this...both of us! Will keep prodding you if you want and please do the same back!

Meanwhile, off to work today ...drat ;) Happy running to you too. Plodders of the world unite!

Luv Linda x :D


I really lost it after graduating, but happily it (whatever it is!) came back again :) I hope the same happens for you. I have now decided to do 5k runs twice a week, that's all, but I do other things such as swimming and swiss ball at other times in the week. Running for 35 minutes is great - if you can do that you can do 5k, honest! My latest 5k took 40 mins and sometimes it's nearer 45 - not a problem, just keep plodding on :)


I'm still aiming for park to 40 minutes last week , probably will take another 3-5 minutes to get there with the wind behind sore calf though and having physio so taking longer to get there than I would have hoped..


I felt a bit lost after graduating and plucked up the courage to join a local running club and it has been brilliant - new friends and an added incentive to run. If you don't yet feel confident about joining a club, have a look round your local clubs to see if any are offering beginners' sessions. Even apart from the social side and the training sessions, I got back my joining fee in discount at the local running shop when I bought a pair of running shoes.


Thanks one and all for your kind words. I have completed an interval run on the treadmill at a 1% incline boy did that hurt did a 2min walk 8min run x3 am going to repeat that once more then try a 30min run with the incline. I do yoga once a week as well as the running just needed some kind words of encouragement and Linda I would love it if you prodded me its so nice to hear from you and other names old and new


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