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Tim Noakes

Here is a concise, impassioned précis on all that has been wrong with the dietar...

Please read additional info below

cholesterol was 6.8 so in January 2014 new year I changed my life style , joined...

for someone who has FH cholesterol what is the alternative to not taking statins and still ensure preventative CVD?

ayurvedic, holistic, alternative.
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Hi i have just joined and want to know of anyones experience of taking Serrapeptase as a measure to keep arteries healthy from FHcholestrol

any guidance or help would be appreciated


hi just a quick question, I was on 80mg astovastatin which gave me muscular pain...

Loss of memory and strength after heart attack

I had a heart attack about 3 years ago but when I went back to work I found that...

Diet after heart bypass surgery

I had a bypass 4 weeks ago, recovering well but not yet back to 100% energy leve...

I am overweight have high blood pressure and been told heart scan show enlargement around the heart and a mild change to heart valve.

Now on ramipril apart from losing weight, what can do to improve my health

Surgeon Dumps Statins

Purely to add to the debate:

An overview of foods to eat to lower your cholesterol

We live in a society where we have more of the wrong kinds of foods available to...

Has anyone with FH seen any (long term) improvement of their lipids following a LCHF diet?

Just wondering. I know there is a whole movement around saying sugar is bad, and...

How sugar, not fat, raises cholesterol

At 73 I have been given a ch level of 8 and it's too high. Will changing eating habits reduce that? Pref without medication.

Am 5ft tall, over 11 st - but active, mostly briskish walking, and energetic.

The Statins Debate

I think that there is a lot of confusion about the benefits of statins, and who ...

Should I take plant sterols in drinks or tablet form

Plant sterols or yogurt drinks

Metabolic Dysregulation

Anyone concerned about metabolic dysregulation but are afraid of fat and comfort...

Another Brick in the Wall

On the back of 'saturated fat does not cause heart disease' post we have today o...

Lots in media today re statins

It's official, Saturated fat does not cause heart disease

Why do many GPs refuse to take statins?

Pravastatin tablets

I have been taking pravstrain tablets for three years I noticed my hair start to...

Statin Reassurance.

People taking statins may be reassured that any side effects they are experienci...

My GP suddenly told me I have familial cholesterol @ 10.27. Feeling a bit shocked and hate taking tablets so I have not yet. Advice please?

I'm really worried about losing my hair if I begin taking stations :(

Open heart surgery experience & advice

I would like to hear from anyone who has undergone open heart surgery for valves...


I love chilli con carne and spaghetti bolognaise. I buy the extra lean mince fro...


With all the \"sugar in everything\" warning that's going on does anyone know wh...

PLAVIX side effects?

I would like to share something that has happened recently, I have had 2 stents ...

More out cry over use of statins

I remember watching a programme with this same doctor saying ' statins are wonde...

Beware Statin side effects may be masking more serious conditions

Some 15 or more years ago, after moving house, new GP decided that because of fa...