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Another Brick in the Wall

On the back of 'saturated fat does not cause heart disease' post we have today on BBC1's 'Breakfast' a piece on Donal O'neill's documentary 'Cerial Killers', which can be rented here:

Here we had Donal and Dr. Peter Brukner sitting there, both slim, both having lost lots of weight on LCHF. Perhaps more importantly to those of a sporting bent, Peter is the Australian Cricket Team's doctor who encouraged the boys to dump the carbs and embrace the fat (and we all know where that went this summer!). Now, leaving aside natural talent, one can't help but wonder how a national team was persuaded to go LCHF in the face of all the worldwide advice to do exactly the opposite.

Then we had the usual expert advice trotting out the usual response. That in the face of stellar blood sugar control (indeed some diabetics showing no signs of the disease after embracing the lifestyle), superb triglyceride/HDL ratio, weight control etc etc.

Dr. Kendrick's take has just dropped into my inbox:

In the face of a daily onslaught on the stupidity of all this one wonders when (and how) the powers that be are going to extricate themselves from the morass of a dead and decaying hypothesis. I include Heart UK here.

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I watched this and it seems no matter what studies or logic coming to the fore re saturated fat it seems it's going to take forever for people to actually believe it, I imagine that's due to constant brain washing by the medical profession, food industry and pharmaceutical companies.

Please take the time to read Dr Kendrick's response re Saturated fat and cholesterol I challenge anyone to tell me he's wrong.

Also subscribe to his blog, it's free and you get access to all health news, studies and most importantly the TRUTH


Just read Dr Kendrick's piece and what a great writer he is - I can actually understand him!


Very interesting information. Thanks.


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