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Do you find Flora or Benecol drinks disagree with you?

I was told to try taking stanol or sterol products and I tried the Flora drinks ...

Wondering what to do about a possible side-effect (multiple Qs)

I joined this site after I had two strange lumps appear in under a month. They w...

Are home cholesterol monitors worth buying?

Does anybody have experience of using a cholesterol monitoring device at home? T...
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How do statins cause certain muscles to ache; are they responsible for more lactic acid buildup; do they damage muscle tissue in any way?

Is margarine REALLY just one molecule different to plastic?

If so, surely no amount of this fake, highly synthesized product (even with its ...

If different statins work in slightly different ways then would it be worth trying 20mg of one and 20mg of another rather than 40mg of one?