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Do you feel that your doctor helps you understand your condition?

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The doctors on gp behind close doors (c5) leave a big false impression on people seeing there doctor. I have joined a new surgerly and have been there for 5 months . In that time i have never seen my doctor and the 1 i have seen is rubbish. 3 things i asked him to look at 1 being my heart main problem and the other 2 were minor but needed looking at. He told me he could only look at 1 issue and i would have to make other appointment to see to the minor ones. 2 words come to mind.

Chocolate kettle .!

I reckon you are very polite, Daveyboy. I think it's worth keeping in touch with your MP when the health service is clearly failing the patients. Ultimately it comes down to funding. We are not investing nearly enough in the health service and the GP service is at the sharp end. Our MPs need be told if we think the NHS is being starved of funds - I certainly do.

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This is a disgraceful way to treat a patient ,Doctors are not trained like they were...years ago, they had a great bedside manner,and cared about their patients health..they only care about money now...Our practice has got 3 Doctors, one diagnosis depression,no matter what is wrong ,the other turns her back on you, and stares at her computer,and the third one has to consult with the other 2 before she gives a wonder I have Anxiety..

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Got the same scenario, after talking to the GP, i then asked about another problem, and I was only 5 minutes into a 10 minute appointment, to be told that they could only deal with 1 issue at a time, even if I thought that the 2nd problem may have some bearing on the primary reason I had consulted the GP.

OK so on my next appointment, I booked 2 consecutive appointments using the online booking system, and at my appointment was moaned at for wasting appointment slots as he (different GP) could have dealt with both conditions in the same slot! Just can't win.

Sad considering how much money they make.

My local GPs rather care about their pension,holidays,money and how to talk down the patient(namely dr Oraka) than caring about our problems.

We patients pour in billions of pounds into NHS and end up these substandard gps.

I'd rather speak to a sophisticated medical computer than these gp's.

I can't be horrible to all of them though.A few perhaps excluded.

I was with my GP 30 years he has seen me through my ups and downs He faithfully supported me throughout. Sadly he retired last year. He did everything he could for his patients the only problem was the the queues. when you arrived the wait he would consistently keep us patients waiting at least 20 minutes.

I'd much rather wait then have a doctor that listens to you, examines you. orders the does the necessary tests. Referral, he always asked how I was doing coping. 😁

The temporary replacement GP I saw was a locum. At the time I had been suffering from a really bad skin condition. I'd only been in there 5 minuets... the GP wouldn't examine my head my husband had to show him the sores it was awful it actually took me a year to actually keep an appointment due to being almost housebound and in constant pain.

'He did however say you really need to come off this medicine. I had been prescribed it for 30 years. I said no way. I then asked him to take my blood pressure he said oh sorry its one medical condition per appointment. He went on to say its almost 6 o'clock I finish at 6 and I have sombody else to see 3 minutes to 6 my appointment was at 5.50pm he said yed appointments are ten minuets. I'd never heard anything like it. Until I joined my new GPS I have multiple medical conditions 30 years old. This is not acceptable it's Inhumane we are people not numbers it's something I have had to learn to cope with🎈 sometimes I don't, I feel some + doctors consultants physios the comments, lack of compassion the fobbing off ect. it's like they' have totally given up or something. The nhs saved my life however they have highly contributed to my anxiety and self worth and sometimes my faith in mankind🌷

If we are speaking of my GP yeas----my neurologist is good too.. the vote is still out on my pulmonary doctor

I very rarely see my doctor as despite raised cholesterol keep in reasonable health for my age. Like others though it's one problem a time in a ten minute slot. We have 5000 houses extra built in our town with no extra doctors so feel sympathy. Saying that think gps resort to medication too easily unfortunately don't always trust their knowledge base. Drug companies have huge power.

The GP I see is great. I can ask as many questions as I like but he does ask me, if I think it is going to take a long time, to book a double appointment. He will also tell me if he doesn't know the answer rather than fob me off with mumbo jumbo. The GP I am registered with is total rubbish and I wouldn't waste the time of day with him let alone rely upon his medical opinion.

I sometimes think the practice nurses are more human than the G.P.When you were able to see the same GP,you were able to built a trusting relationship,which was a 2 way,win win situation.

Today you are discouraged from seeing the same one,who benefits from this ?

Today you visit a total stranger,how can you trust or built respect with some one you do not know or may never see again.

I think the practice manager may hold a lot of the answers to this.It seems there are more part time G.P and locoms.

In the buisness world this would be a path to disaster.Experienced staff are more effective.

A part time GP has less impact on the budget,than a patience ringing for a appointment, that is not available to be booked ahead of that morning ,so please ring back after 2.00 pm.when further slots may be available.

Is it any wonder A&E is on its knees.

GP practice, funding, appointment time slot, on line appointment, computer screen messaging in the waiting room and so on.

When can we see a GP when we want with a health problem?

My GP practice give example of how we spend the money and how much the GP practice get for each person.

Am I allowed to have a mobile phone or join a gym and eat healthy food?

In a 10 min appointment, what do you expect, not seeing the same Dr on each visit, what do you expect. I will tell you , not getting to the root of a problem causing miss diagnosis repeat app. patient suffering.

I was told 5 years ago that I had a heart murmur, when having a pre-op for something unrelated. I was advised to get an annual eco check so arranged that. Saw a different technician this time and got a better look at the screen. Asked exactly what was being measured and told he couldn't really give me the details but what did my cardiologist say? My surprised reply, "what cardiologist?"

Advised to get a referral, but before I could even ring the surgery I was called by them (hmm!) with an urgent referral. Will need aortic surgery in next few years. Not impressed by surgery apparently freewheeling over my health. Otherwise they are usually ok but this scare me.

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sandybrown in reply to Cymres1


May be five years ago after blood test for cholesterol and blood glucose my GP offered medication to undo the damage!, my question what damage and refused medication.

A month later I requested a 12- lead stress test , electro cardiogram and echo cardiogram to look for damage, a cardiologist could not find any damage and no medication necessary.

Now days I go for once a year blood test and electro cardiogram. So far no medication.

My brother had hart valve replacement at the age of 24, he is 90 and still living.

Can you walk for 2km without any struggle, the reason for this question, I will go to South East Asia to spend time with my brother and every day we go for 2km walk in the morning and there used to be a lot of medical discussion. As time went on the 2km walk became difficult and had the operation.

Gym at the moment are closed, can you go on a tread mill and do a walk for 30 minutes. This is the best check for your heart. Go for what ever appoint given, write down all your questions and answers, print pictures of the hear to ask questions, do a lot of reading on the Internet.

Relax, take it easy, keep away from people, enjoy one life.

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sandybrown in reply to Cymres1

You need check on AAA and TAA.

I had AAA check but when I requested for TAA it was refused, GP's reaction was very bad. From my medical knowledge I ask for different blood tests and other checks, so far GP will only do what the protocol allows under NHS.

Take the offer of GP referral and go for checks. I would be interested in reading on your TAA checks.