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I get a feeling in my chest as if i have swallowed a hard boiled sweet, I used my spray 2 months ago and it made my condition worse.

I am having my yearly blood check for Thyroid, in the past I have asked for my Cholestral to be checked also !

My question can I eat or drink before the test. Thankyou

" Bad Pharma"

I'm not advertising this book by Ben Goldacre, just reading it. I'm only on page...
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employment + support allowance and heart failure

can anyone advise me on how to complete the form

My cholesterol level was 7.6 (ratio 5.7) this week, but six months ago it was 6.2 (4.1)

How could this happen if my diet and lifestyle is no different? 12 months ago i...

Have been told to take Stanol by consultant, not having much luck finding it. Anyone heard of it?

First lipid consultation yesterday has left me reeling! All too much too fast an...

What is water retention and what are the causes?

Statins and Insomnia. Would the time of the day when the pills are taken affect this?

My mother and I both take atorvastatin (80mg and 10mg respectively). Mine is fo...

Beta blockers

Can Betablockers such as Carvedilol cause weight gain?

can anyone help please

please can anyone tell me how to spell vasolate for high blood pressure

How can i reduce my cholestral just had result 9

Statins and Cancer Risk

i am 52 years old, my cholesterol level is 4.0 is this high and am i at risk?


Hi all Ive been on statins for 15 years and been getting awful cramps and muscl...

Canned Oily Fish

We are constantly being told by the health professionals to keep the fat content...

I am 87, and have been told that my cholesterol level is 4.5 units. Is that too high or too low?

I take the dog out every day for a mile or so, weigh 13st, +- 1 lb and gave up s...

my cholesterol is 7.5 i need to no wot food i can and can not eat

My cholesterol level is 5.3 my Dr says its fine, should i worry my age 52yrs old

I eat healthy only cook with olive oil don't use dairy white rice, bread, past...

Found this great research material "Versmissen, Jorie thesis on FH.pdf" Full of fascinating info. Would love your feedback.

I have found this thesis on the facebook FH page: Familial Hypercholesterolaemia...

with a cholesterol level of 3.5 and aged 72 with high blood pressure is statins needed

Upcoming Op

Hey! Does anyone have any experiences they can share on a heart bypass being d...

What is the Starting Dose of Cholestagel?

I have finally started on this. Had to go to my GP and he has prescribed 1 table...

what is F H?