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US Cholesterol numbers vs EU numbers

I've noticed that there are different values used for cholesterol for the U.S. a...

56 with 7.6 colestrol

So i may give up the butter

To statin, or not to statin...creatine kinase and lp/a levels normal

Hi all, I'm after a little bit of advice/guidance. I am a 39 yr old female who h...
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I'm new to this but I really can't make a decision. I am 70 and female had a rou...

High Cholesterol

I have high Cholesterol should I be worried or is it okay

Statin withdrawal

I have had to stop statins which I have taken for about 10 years now because of ...


I have been eating grapefruit daily for circa 1 month and recently noticed I am ...

Watching out for free and hidden sugar can bring down lipid numbers!!

My one year blood lipid test results tell me that watching out for free and hidd...


Need advice on where I Can get the above in Yorkshire