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Labs for Cholesterol levels

Question: Once you begin Cholesterol medication and have been taking it for abo...

Raised blood pressure and pulsatile tinnitus

My blood pressure has suddenly got a lot higher over the past month, (my reading...

If You Want to Know Your Risk of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Stop Focusing on LDL-C, Instead Focus on Apo B & Apo A1 - the ApoB/ApoA1 Ratio

\"LDL-C has been the primary focus in lipid-lowering trials for more than two de...
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Cholesterol Blood Tests - Fasting or not?

Does anyone have any views or comments on the change away from fasting before ch...

Is It Time to Retire Cholesterol Tests?

Most readers of this forum are obsessed over their total cholesterol and LDL cho...
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Inflammation, NOT Cholesterol is the Cause of Chronic Disease (including cardiovascular, kidney, cancer and others)

Here's a quote from a medical review journal which is available here: https://ww...
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Hellooooo is there anybody out there who has heart disease. Who is following a h...