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Low Carb versus low fat.

Latest on the efficacy of low carb versus low fat via Dietdoc. The results of th...


Who out there uses niacin (vit B3)? What are your experiences and where do you s...

On the cusp?

Here's the latest from Dr. Axel F. Sigurdsson MD. This site is excellent for bal...
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Or is it me?

On the back of my last posting conflating diabetes and heart disease... You see...

More 'Statin' scandal.

milk thistle

Anyone tried this for high cholesterol.

Interesting letter about statins


My cholesterol came out that is 6.1.... can i ask how much must be wen its norma...

Cholesterol Control

Following my latest visit to the lipid clinic, my total cholesterol which was 13...


I need advice on how to take methi seeds for reduce cholesterol, Q) Do i soak th...

Any one experience eye infection?

Looking for answers to (Rheumatoid arthritis) problems.

Confused again.

I challenge anybody to read this (and the comments) and not be totally confused....