Dogged dog!

Dogged dog!

Hi everyone. I've not been active on this site for a while and am completely new to the Bridge to 10k community. I graduated from the C25K a while back and let's just say my running has ebbed and flowed since then :-) I signed up for the Great North Run last year but suffered a stress fracture (third metatarsal) in April and wasn't really recovered until September so had to duck out of Newcastle. I'm now back in training for this year and feeling very proud of going out this morning intending to do 5k, then pushing on through to 7.4k in 48 minutes - and that included charging around the local park trying to catch my running partner (my dog Ellie, pictured) who didn't seem to want to follow our chosen route!! I like reading about everyone else's trials and tribulations with this running thing and it'd be great to hear from anyone else who's doing a HM for the first time? Think I'll leave Ellie at home that day!

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  • Gorgeous dog - and well done on the run! There are a few of us on here who have recently completed our first HM. I ran the Bath Half in March and loved it! I have another Half planned for November (and the 10 mile Great South Run just before). Good luck with your Bridge to 10k - it sounds as though it is going well.🙂

  • Congratulations on your HM! Sounds like it went really well for you. I'm a bit nervous about the GNR so am reading a lot of running books (on My Pace or Yours at the moment) trying to motivate myself and lose the fear. I know it's ages away but I also know how time flies. Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

  • Hi promqueen

    What a beautiful doggie :) That is funny about your dog running off because the same thing happened to me! I went to the forest yesterday intending to do about 6-7k but ended up doing 10k because I ran up and down a several times waiting for Mr Squiggs to reappear from the depths of the forest! He stayed on the track until about 8k and then clearly got bored with all the running back and forth and disappeared! I even did some backwards running while looking and calling. I know someone who likes a bit of backwards running! Oldfloss

  • Thanks - she has her moments...Have to admit to doing a bit of backwards running yesterday too - and maybe just a little bit of swearing! I'm sure they're just trying to help us vary our pace 🙂

  • Aww, I'm sorry about your injury last year, but it seems like it's made you more determined to get through it this time around.

    Good luck on your training and remember to keep both you and your running partner hydrated on hot days.

  • Good advice and yes...I feel more determined than I've ever been. Strange thing, this running lark. Painful and tough and totally addictive!

  • Lovely dog! Well done on the run and I'm glad you're booked back in for the GNR - but perhaps you're right, Ellie could stay at home that day :)

  • Definitely leaving her behind Anniemurph! 🙂

  • That's a great running pal you have there☺ I think the breed will be able to handle anything. You could,get a proper lead, cani cross style.

  • She's pretty hardy but is getting on a bit now - nine years old! She's great company on runs though, despite her deviations from the plan 🙂

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