What do you use to train?

Hello lovely runners! Apologies, I am sure this question has been asked 100 times before, but I'm asking again in case there are any new answers - what do you use to train for 10k? Any apps/training plans that you can point a girl towards? I graduated from Cto5k (again) and did a second 5k run, so I think I'm officially ready to move further onwards and upwards.


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  • Hi again!

    Like many of us on here I used the Sami Murphy podcasts.. I did start with another programme but, the lyrics of the songs drove me nutty!! It was slow and steady but I got to 10K...:)

    I am sure you will get lots and lots of advice and tips on the forum here, folk who really know what they are talking about.. I am a mere beginner... :)

    I have, also, upped my core strength and stamina exercise. I have an elliptical cross-trainer which is really good for that. I used it to stay supple and fit after I broke my ribs, and cannot believe the difference it made to my leg strength..it was just the rest of me that had a bit of trouble keeping up, when I eventually got outside again for a run!

  • I graduated in early December and spent the next few weeks just consolidating my 5k, and including a few hills and other challenges, but then I felt ready to extend my distance. There was a similar thread which I started a couple of weeks ago, and AndyD provided some really helpful signposts.


    I have only recently started on my quest for 10k and am the Samantha Murphy podcasts, which have been recommended by numerous C25K graduates. I am only on week 1 as I spent last week mostly on the injury couch. I did my second run of week 1 this morning. Quite like the music tracks, but the only problem is that on the week 1 podcast the prompts telling you when to run and when to walk are quite quiet, so you have to listen out well. I had to use my watch as well as my hearing is not good.

    I couldn't believe I actually covered over 9k with the combination of warm up and cool down walks and the 4 interval runs interspersed with minute walks.

    Good luck.

  • There's an NHS bridge-to-10k (hence the name of the forum), and if you check recent posts you'll see that our lovely JuJu is running a 6 week "get to 10k programme". This week is week 2, but I'm sure you can blag a spot ;-)

    There are also a ton of running plans online. Google is your friend.

    Or you could simply add a bit of extra distance to one (or more) of your weekly runs until you hit 10k.

    Good luck, and enjoy your running!

  • Everyone will be different, some people will love another structured programme but it won't work for all. My experience, I graduated from C25K a year ago and tried a 10k programme which was good but I don't think I had realised how tired my legs were from my 9 weeks of running longer and longer. My legs really let me know I couldn't carry on with it. For me, the problem was going back to intervals, I didn't want to do that as I prefer just running. Also, it introduced tempo runs which was faster than I was used to. I do not bother too much about speed. I now run 2 x 5k and a 10k or a little more each week. I kept running after a good 30 minute run and managed a 5k in 43 minutes. So I started doing 5k x 3 times a week. That was very challenging, good and difficult runs.

    After many weeks, I was beginning to feel OK so I kept going one day and did 5.5k! After this, I did 2 x 5 and one "long run"! I started with a 6, then a 7, 8 and then I did a 10! I was very strict, only ran three times a week, rested from any exercise on running rest days, made sure I did strength and flex exercises. I even had a week off due to a sore leg but then started slowly and went on again

  • Sammi Murphy for me too. Up to W4, but need to build back up to it after an illness. X

    Good luck Shivani05 keep posting.x

  • Thanks Oldfloss Razouski Tomas JoolieB1 Jan-now-runs

    I've been looking at 10k programmes online for a while and there are so many options it's overwhelming! But Sami Murphy's name keeps coming up on this forum, so I'm going to take your suggestion and try it out for myself.

  • It is good.. the other one I tried had 'little bunny rabbits' in the lyrics.. . I found it quite distracting! :)

  • You may want to continue to consoldiate on your 5k work for a bit yet. The C25K+ podcasts are great for this. You should also try the Guardian running apps (not the beginner set, the advanced set) these will start you on longer runs, but probably not get you to 10k. They will get you running 5k with more ease and probably faster, though, which may make the increase to 10k easier.

  • Oh I forgot about the guardian podcasts! My sister used those for 5k, I'll check them out. Thanks. I'm planning to start 10k podcasts in February. I know that's only 2 weeks of consolidation but this was my second time doing the program in one year and at the end I went straight from week 7 to just one run each of weeks 8 and 9 and then a 35 minute 5k, and I managed to do them all easily. I say 10k but what I really mean is run for longer than 30 mins but with structure (similar to how the programme is really couch to 30 mins and not 5k) :)

  • Consolidate 5k runs then increase distance by 10% a week. Should be able to get from 5k to 10k in about 6 weeks normally. I did it a tad sooner than that, didn't worry too much about plans, I got to 7-8k gradually, then did the event and did the 10km, so, if you can get to 7k OK, then you should make 10k😊

  • Thanks Dave! I prefer to work with time vs distance; I find it less daunting to think of running for 45-60 mins rather than running 8-10k, and intervals work great to help build up time. Hence the need for a structured program. But yes 10k IS the eventual goal, when I'm already near it and less daunted :)

  • You asked about 10k distance? Sorry, I go out and run and just extending distance gradually over the weeks, no special structured programme needed for me, simples!

    But as already mentioned, JJ has has a 5k to 10k plan running at the moment, have a look into that, nothing too daunting there..😊

  • There are loads if you google ... I have started doing a weekly group for those that want to get to 10k. This is based on alot of reading of different training plans and I have kept it very simple which is what I did too. healthunlocked.com/bridgeto...

    we are now in week 2 of a 6 week plan. I will be doing it on a rolling programme if its successful :)

  • Sami week one is quiet but it gets sorted out by the second week. Hours of fun for free and the music is good! SAmi kicks your ass πŸ˜€ It's progressive like C25k so familiar territory. She tells you what to do and when

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