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What do you supplement running with?

I am interested to know what else you do for exercise?

I try and walk or run at least 10,000 steps a day. I did Zumba Gold but have now started to do PureStretch instead, switched last week. I also did a free trial session of PoundFit and I loved it. It is a fast class with weighted drumsticks called ripstix and is great fun so I'm going to do that too.

I do like swimming and will go back to that next week I think.

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I think we all try and do something ☺ We have to be strong to support our running. I do walking, hiking and exercise dvd's at home. Oh and I have a bike ☺ I walk everywhere and I found it helps with weight loss and formed the basis for starting c25k

Every little helps

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It's swimming for me. At least once a week (usually twice). I used to do a yoga class once a week but that stopped & I haven't found a new one that fits the rest of my schedule. I'm thinking of trying a dvd/you tube thing at home because I really miss it

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I typically have one evening playing badminton with my wife (we don't play terribly seriously but we play pretty hard and run for everything, so it's more like a sprint workout than a game!). I swim with the kids once a week and usually two trips a week to the gym to do some resistance work.

At the moment I'm also doing Bazza's 100 pushup challenge, which is three short workouts a week.



I'm not very good at cross training. I know it's wise and healthy and good for me, but the last time I tried adding regular swimming into the mix, I became obsessed, started taking lessons, bought a bike, went cycling, signed up for a triathlon, trained 8 times a week, and burnt out after 2 months.

So nowadays I try to do my running 4 times a week and some calf exercises most days to sort out my Achilles tendon, but apart from that I lurrrve my couch ;)


I don't have a lot of extra spare time, but try and get to a pilates/stretch class whcih is conveniently run at work by a colleague who is also a fitness instructor. Only £2 flor 45 minutes early one morning and I think this compliments the running well - it's certainly good for my tight muscles. I try and do a few of the exercises a few times a week at home as well, but tend to forget easily....

I cycled to work once or twice a week over the summer, but at present it depends a bit on the weather (I don't mind a few drops, but don't want to get soaked on the way to work or on the way home if I have to go out again to a school meeting).


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