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Hello all!

Sorry if this sounds like a silly question, but I did my C25K with Zen Labs, which meant doing the whole shebang in 8 weeks rather than 9. I am not sure if I want to run a whole 10k as my knees have been really playing up on me badly since running two 5k runs a week but I thought I could use some of the training runs on the continuation of that app.

The thing is, the first runs take you back to the beginning of C25K - ie walk 90 seconds, run one minute, etc. While I am not complaining (!) I wondered if there was another app that might be more helpful. What is the one people use on here? I never had the lovely Laura on my other plan. What I have been doing instead is using the walk/run combos to run slowly then run fast in an attempt to do interval training (not going very well!).

And does anyone have any advice for badly aching knees? My knees have always been a problem - and to get through to 5k was totally a miracle! But after my longer runs at the moment, my knees are so sore. And getting up from crouching or kneeling is agony. :-(

Thanks in advance! :-)


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  • Hi..

    Many of us use/used the Sami Murphy podcasts... I started with a different one but it drove me dotty:) ( Lyric with little Bunny Rabbits) !

    Just take the whole build up to 10K very steady and slow... I never really intended to get to 10K, but over the year post graduation, the distances just naturally built up, moving faster, getting further etc.. so it seemed sensible to choose a programme to help :)

    Knees.. tricky pests! I had a really twingy knee.. and had to wear a knee support for a while.

    Exercises, massage all help... there will be lots of advice given to you on here.. :) Is the skin sore, or the bone underneath...I only ask because I occasionally get what used t be called , in the olden days...Housemaid's knee! But then I am quite ancient anyway! :)

    Hope some of this helps! :)

  • Thanks Oldfloss! I will check out the Sami Murphy podcasts (though bunny rabbits sound intriguing!). My knees just feel very stuff and sore - kind of like arthritis sadly. I've got a Dr's appointment to talk about them in a couple of weeks (that's the wait!).

    Well done for all your running - you sound amazing!

  • Well..I was going to mentiom arthritisI have it in my hands and wrists.. Our Dr has the same wait now for non emergency !

    I am just a slow and steady..with the odd burst of speed when helped by a down hill or a tail windπŸ™‚

  • Hi Sam,

    There's the NHS choices c25k+ podcasts. To get to 10k build distance gradually just adding 10% per week on 5k run. But if your knees are still playing up maybe just stay with easy 30 min runs or rest now and try and sort out that pain. I'm thinking shoes, have you got decent running shoe's? have you had a gait analysis and fitting carried out in a reputable running store?

  • Thanks Dave! I will try to follow that and I think change the app I am using as it doesn't feel very useful at present. My shoes are very good and I am also using arch supports, as recommended by my osteopath who's been treating me for all sorts of aches and pains! I think this feels more like arthritis sort of pain - stiffness and aching. I think I will just have to keep consolidating the 5k for a little longer and maybe warmer, drier weather will help!

    All the best,


  • The constant pounding of road running doesn't help, varying the running surface can take off the pressure, doing trails & grass has a little bit of give as opposed to concrete.. but need to watch more where placing the feet..😊

  • When you're not used to running it's not unusual for knees to complain before they get stronger! It might be runners knee, I had this after doing too much too soon. There are lots of stretches you can do for this. Along with some rest from running it will go. It's basically just bruising around the knees.

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