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How do you use your Garmin??

I have used my new Garmin 220 about 5 times now - I have simply gone for an unspecified run and simply watched what average pace I was doing and at what average HR, I have used it to beep intervals at me, used it to alert me when either pace or HR is too high/too low. Now I can see that I can programme more complex workouts into it - eg do a 10 minute warmup at a specified range of pace thna do a specified time running at a range of HR numbers, that the same thing at a range of pace, then a cooldown at a certaing pace - etc etc. - Haven't actually tried out the later yet but I assume it will beep and tell me when to start the warmup and runs etc and sound alerts if/when I go over/under the certain paces and HR numbers.

Anyway - over to you more experienced Garmin users - how do you regularly use yours?????

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I have the 220 too. It's a recent upgrade from my 210. (I wanted the sync via bluetooth rather than PC connection - so much easier and less hassle).

I love the way you can add the 'workout' you create on the PC onto your watch. I have been using this for my current 10K programme. It's a bit better than the integrated 'intervals' feature on the watch because the intervals can all be different lengths etc.

It takes all the hard work out (thinking) out of it and just counts down my current segment.

Seems pretty user friendly like the 210, but I haven't really had much more opportunity to play around with it yet though and haven't used the HR monitor yet.


Things I have used on my Garmin 220

Walk/run feature. Great invention just put in the intervals on your watch and off you go. I use the vibrate rather than bleep. It took me a while to find the feature.

My own workouts include

Recovery run - one specified heat rate if it goes over it bleeps

Threshold run 1 mile build up at one heart rate, 1 mile at a higher rate then back down to the first heart rate for the last mile

( all heart rate targets can be put in, so customisable)

Interval training. Just the times or distance,

I tried pace training but I couldn't get on with it.

Then if I go for walks with my other half I just turn it in and let it go.

Also just found out if you come in and sit for about 2min after your run with your HRM on it will give you your recovery stats. When I looked that up I came in at the one just below athlete but you have to get that stat at rest otherwise it's out.

They are so much fun.


I have just discovered where/how I can nominate the values of the 5 HR zones according to % of Heart Rate Reserve (HRR) . I do like the HR training plans in Roy Benson's book "precision training"


I have my 30,20,10 workout programmed in and that's about as much as I've done!!!


Erm... 'use' my Garmin? :D I have an old 210. It does me fine, but all I do with it is set it going at the start of my run, upload the results after and note that my average heartbeat rarely varies. I enjoy looking at my tourism runs after the event. I set a goal for the year and measure progress against it.

I would love to set intervals on it but I don't think the 210 does that - and I don't think I would hear it beep, because there is a small bird that cheeps at the same sort of sound and I don't often hear the 1k markers or its warning that it is bored now and about to switch off unless I start running NOW!

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You can set intervals on the 210. If you go to the menu on the watch itself (hold bottom left button ) then you can scroll to intervals. I had to look it up in the user manual to know how to set them though.

I have also just tried to add a workoyt online with some interval repeats - will have to see how to get it to the watch though.


Ooh, fab! Thank you, I will investigate that for Sunday's run :)

This forum is such a great place!


Hi, I have a 210, and find it reliable, you can set it to do intervals, but there's no alarm for that like there is for the hrm which is interesting to view on the graph and shows my hr being lower before I've warmed up, which shows it takes over a mile of running for me to warm up, even with a warm up walk. Anyway, I really only use the stop watch, pace and distance function, but the later 220/225 look interesting..


Thank you! I didn't know it could do intervals - I wonder what else I should be using it for :D

I agree about the later watches looking good, but I can't justify buying another when this one still works well (touch wood!). Interesting about your heart rate and your warm up. I know Realfoodieclub has been doing some research on heart rate while running and trying to keep it lower.


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