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What apps do you use for Virtual medals


I wonder if anyone can help. I have just signed up for a 25mile virtual medal challenge for the month of July. I might even up it to 50miles. I need a kick up the butt because I feel like I am wallowing in the dark abyss that is menopause and I am now totally bored with it so I am challenging myself to try and shock myself out of it. 😀. I am finding it hard to find an app that gives a good visual representation of how I am doing. The Garmin connect goal challenge is great the main one i use for the yearly challenge I am doing and when I do another one I can only see one at a time and it dosent give the same visual impact.

So I am looking for an app that connects to my garmin but I can set up a monthly challenge on that I don’t have to pay a subscription for. Any ideas please.

Happy and safe running to veveyone in this weather.

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Dunno about the Garmin connectivity but I use Runkeeper for my goals and virtual challenges (and that certainly seems to cope with multiple challenges).

I am going to be stern here and say do NOT go upping your target. It sounds as though what you need right now is a solidly achievable motivating goal rather than a source of stress.

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Thank you, I think you are probably right, I think I needed to hear that. I forgot about Runkeeper I will have a look at that.

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I used basic strava it worked great with my fitbit and 50 mile challenge. I wish I'd started with 25. 50 was a bit too much and it wasn't this hot last month. I only just made it and it was a bind fitting it in. It is too hot to be able to fit in 50 if you 're new to this 10k lark. Don't do it. Enjiybyour 25 . It's a fab medal if you're doing race at your pace xx hood luck xx

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Thank you, your right about the heat, I think I will keep it at 25km. Yes it is race your pace, do like a nice bit of bling. 😀🥇.

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Very good advice! Be good to yourself RFC, as with all things, this too will pass 😘

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Thank you, I will 😀. Rfc x.

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