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new here: diastolic hypertension and inappropriate sinus tachycardia

(please excuse the lengthy first post.)

hi all,

i have had a resting heart rate of 100 -120 for at least a decade, never lower than 95 or so. i am in my late 20s. it would cause anxiety at times, but mostly i was okay and it didn't interfere with my life. i could do hiit workouts, lift weights, no issues. my BP was low-normal to 120/70 ish. i am overweight and have pcos.

after heavy period bleeding a few months back, i have been experiencing shortness of breath which hasn't subsided even after my Hb went up (from 5 to currently 12.9). and my diastolic BP has risen, got to a 130/110 a few weeks back. before that, my BP was 110/65 and nearabouts. when it went up, it wasn't asymptomatic, as in it caused chest discomfort and a headache. i was put on hydrochlorothiazide, which really didn't help very much. i was stil ranging between 120/85-130/108 on it.

i have had a normal MIBI persantine stress test (although i experienced chest pain during which went away as soon as i received the antidote, and i was told it was a side effect from the persantine) before the hypertension came on, two normal Echo tests one before these symptoms started and one after. all ECGS show a heart rate of over 100 but are otherwise normal. A 24 hr holter showed a heart rate over 100 most of the time. Chest X ray was normal. Doctor is considering a CT coronary angiogram to check out my coronary arteries. My HDL and LDL are normal. Triglycerides are low end of normal.

a cardiologist i saw for the shortness of breath noticed my heart rate was consistently higher than 100. he suspects the shortness of breath and diastolic hypertension is from the inappropriate sinus tachychardia.

I have received a hashimoto's thyroiditis diagnosis many years back, but my synthroid was discontinued after i developed hyperthyroidism symptoms on it (palpitations reaching 130 or so, waking up in the middle of the night with palpitations, slightly elevated BP 13/80 but random episodes of palpitations were getting very disruptive--- as soon as I stopped synthroid my heart rate came down and BP normalized). i was thinking my thyroid was involved this time too due to the diastolic hypertension, severe hair loss, memory loss and fatigue. but my TSH came back normal (2.8) and the doctor hasn't run t3 and t4 tests. i have read people can be hypothyroid with a normal TSH, so it's still a concern for me. i am on metformin for type 2 diabetes which I was diagnosed with last year, A1C of 6.5.

with keto, i have brought my A1C to non diabetic levels (4.8) and am very strict about BG control. reason why i mention this is metformin is known to lower TSH in diabetics with hypothyroidism. So it may be masking thyroid problems.

i have also read on keto forums that some people developed high BP on the diet because of electrolyte imbalances. my Ca, Sodium and potassium were normal, but magnesium wasn't tested. so i am taking supplements, with cardiologist's approval, just in case my magnesium was low as keto has a diuretic effect.


I was hoping to hear from people with hypertension and inappropriate sinus tachycardia. I am on a 5 mg dose of Bisoprolol, half a pill twice a day. I was asked to start with 2.5 mg and see if that helps. my heart rate is doing well, between 60 and 85 but diastolic blood pressure is still a bit high (85ish) at times, systolic is 100-105. so i am thinking i may have to take the full 5 mg dose to bring that down even if heart rate has come down from half that dosage. The 5 mg lowered my heart rate to 55, so I backed off a bit and stuck with 2.5 mg but may have to go back to 5 mg. My shortness of breath hasn't improved on Bisoprolol, however. I've only been taking it 5 days though, so maybe it will take some time.

If you have experienced something similar with tachycardia and shortness of breath (disruptive levels where you get from walking a block or so) or tachycardia related sudden increase in BP, please share your experience. thank you.

p.s. my ferritin was low normal at 40, B12 was extremely low and Vitamin D was very low as well. i have lost 25 pounds , so the BP and shortness of breath isn't from weight.

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Hi Kindred7,

I am so sorry you are going through all of this, it must be so worrying for you at times.

I am also sorry that i cant relate to it, so therefore can't advise you but glad you are under all the specialists & hopefully they will get this all stabilised for you.

I'm sorry there isn't always a lot of support on this site i've noticed, but hopefully someone can relate & will get back to you eventually!

Take care :)


Hi hails, thank you for writing me. I appreciate it. I m also looking for more active forums.

Always happy to hear from members :) and def hoping someone with sudden high bp and inappropriate tachycardia will respond.

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I have only recently started with very high BP and on ramipril. I get occasional AF but during this two weeks since being diagnosed with high BP I had a bad episode of tachycardia and ended up in A and E in Kings lynn on Sunday ( I'm from Surrey!)

I also had low potassium which can cause arrhythmias so have upped potassium in my diet

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Hi. After cutting the salt it has helped me. I use my fitbit as well to monitor my pulse. Use cinnamon power ( just a pinch ) in your tea or coffee. If you don't like this way then have a pinch with a tiny honey.

I have also closed heating in my bedroom at night time.

Through my fit but, when I see my pulse has gone up, I quickly have glass of cold water. Which has helped me. It managed to bring it down 119 to 79.

You can have a long breath in and hold for a second then let it go. That time brain needs fresh air.

Keep doing it and watch your BP coming down.

I hope this all help. I am new here. This all helps me. I hope it will help others as well.


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