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Hi guys I am suffering from a flare up! Ulceration at back of throat, ear canal and bleeding from the ulcers at back of throat!! What concerns me is the roof of my mouth is yellow and not thrush!! Went to focus who contacts Hosp to speak to consultant who took 6 hours to ring back and says tell her to carry on!! Carry on what!!! I am on azathioprin colchine naproxen tramadol and have infusions of infliximab and still having the glares!! Just wondering if anyone else has the yellowing in mouth and if diagnosed! I have to go for swans on Monday and have been left all weekend with no antibiotic or steriod! Thanks for any replies x Donna

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Hi, yes....I get all sorts of discolouration in my mouth, and especially my throat which sounds very much like your description. Behcets is such a painful and terrible condition, all I can suggest is take as much of everything you have including pain killers and go to bed, try to sleep or watch TV etc. Everyone always seem to recommend as much rest as possible.

I'm taking colchicine, infliximab infusions (just had 4th infusion 2 weeks ago), mycophenolate - still flaring too, with much more severe joint pain now 😑


Thank you for your reply! I thought it might be the Behçet's but thought may be infection as never had the whe yellow roof in mouth!!! Have been off work 6 weeks and feel guilty as never had a day off usually just fight through flares and sleep when I get home! Now because of the throat the docs have give me another 2 weeks sick note and I am putting of ringing work to tell them in hope am ok on weds!! As rather just have the one sick period than go back and take another!! I did sleep for a week last week as so tired!! X


I have the yellowing often. Everyone has just assumed thrush and I have been treated by doctors as such. No one has tested to be certain. How do you know it is not thrush? Hope things improve.


Hi I am going for a swab tomorrow so will interesting to see what the results are?? X


Have you tried behcet's "triple mouthwash" recommended for us at London Centre of Excellence to use up to 4 times per day when unwell with flare of mouth ulcers?

Put 10ml of warm water in to a small container ( I use a little egg cup!)

Add one tablet of betamethasone (betnesol 500 microgram soluble tablet) which dissolves to make the water pink.

Add one vibramycin-D dispersible 100mg tablet (doxycycline antibiotic) and crunch to break up with a spoon, then stir mixture well as this may be the chalky one.

Drop in 1ml of Nystatin 100,000IU/ml oral suspension which is yellow colour.

mix up all three ingredients , then swish around in your mouth for 2 minutes, gargle with it for throat ulcers, then spit out.

It really works after a couple of days as contains steroid to reduce inflammation, anti fungal to get rid of any thrush, and antibiotic to clear any bacterial infection.

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Hi Donna; Behcet symptoms, affecting the daily life of the findings. It is stated that there is no specific treatment.

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Thank you!! It is something I live with and very aware of!!

Got results of swabs and I have strep throat which had they gave me an antibiotic when I asked a week ago I would not be feeling as crap as I am!! Hey ho put down to my behcets yet again! Just as well I demanded a swab! Not on high dose of antibiotics hopefully they do the trick xx

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Hi Donna; I understand you as Behcet's disease patients in remission. Behcet will not Antibilotik effect. After wiping their mouths after the NaHCO of them. triamcinolone acetonide ointment ensures faster healing using. Of course, this is not a definitive treatment for symptomatic treatment modality. I hope for rational treatment as soon as possible with the hope that healing for all patients


My last reply should have said on

N high dose!! Also still taking my mouth wash as prescribed by london 5 times a day too as have been inn flare up for months!! Hopefully getting better though!


Hi Donna; Hot peppers, pickles, you should stay away from flatulent foods such as spices and dried beans.


Hi Donna!

You're not alone! My tongue got a white/yellowish coating on it...extending to my throat. Got a tongue scrubber-couldn't get it off! Every once in awhile I'd feel the need to clear my throat like i had a fur ball in there. Upon real close exam, it looked like thick long hairs were growing at the back of throat/tongue. Very gross! Even for me the nurse:/

Went on antifungal thrush wash. 1 whole week- nothing but almost worst than before.

I returned to my GP and said,"you're going to think I'm crazy but it feels like a cat is growing at the back of my mouth and i want to shave the back of my tongue!

Dr says,"hey i know what that is, it's Hairy Tongue Syndrome" Which occors primarily in immunosuppressed people. Ex: CA patients, HIV and BD.

The cure? Eat pineapple! And it works!! If i slip on my pineapple, it slowly tends to creep back.

Easy Fix!

Just thought I'd put out there my experiences in case others could relate.

Good Luck to you!



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