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Mouth Ulcers

I have been suffering with mouth ulcer for years, but the last few years when they start I can not get rid of them and I have so many I can not eat or drink. I have tried every single thing I can think from the script mouth wash to just about anything. I have lesions on the brain which they think might be MS.I have migraines, I have all the symptoms but the rash on the arms, and ulcers in the genital areas( NONE).. Who would I see for this , what kind of dr. I am tired of the pain.

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Hi Becky,

You should see a rheumatologist to start getting prescription treatments that will help. If you're in the UK, check out the website for the Behcet's Centres of Excellence: Also, Dr. Kidd is a neurologist at one of the Centres, and he'd be able to help sort out the MS vs neuro-BD issue.

Good luck!

Joanne Z.

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Definately agree with Joanne - I used to suffer with ulcers terribly, but as soon as the correct drugs were in place, i NEVER get ulcers now

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Hi, I suffered from mouth ulcers for years especially when I was stressed, tired, they always seemed so much worse. Over time I have found that coffee irritates them and certain things like crisps etc the list is long. I used to have 25/30 at a time couldn't eat would last for couple of months. Sounds silly but coke seems to take some of the sting out of the ulcers you could try this. I also use aloe vera forever bright toothpaste which is a natural product as I found some of the leading brands just made the ulcers worse. I also take Merc Sol 30c which is a homeopathy remedy which I take 2 tablets every 4 hours until the pain starts getting better then I reduce to 1, you always put tablets into the top of bottle never touch them with your hands then pop into your mouth, suck or chew doesn't matter which. I try and have as much organic food as possible as it seems to agree with me better, the less chemicals the better. I also found that if my mouth started getting sore before ulcers formed I use my Merc Sol and this settles the mouth. This may not work but have a try, also mouth washes are a no no with me really irritate. I do hope that things settle down for you, I know how these can pull you down and make you so depressed and miserable. All the best Biddy xx


Ive had plenty of oral ulcer episodes (50 + that lasted for weeks) that came without genital ones. Consider yourself lucky for now.

Colchicine is a great medication that a rheumatologist can prescribe for you to keep ulcers and inflammation at bay.

Medication is just one part of having Behcet's (if diagnosed), you need to keep up on rest, and make your diet to as healthy as possible. I myself, am on a carb free, anti inflammatory diet and it did wonders for me and my body within weeks. Google has it all.

Try using some coconut oil to soothe the mouth ulcers, it is anti inflammatory and may provide some relief until you can see the Dr.

Good luck and listen to Jzeis!


We went to a rheumatologist


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