mouth ulcers

hello, I am dealing with ulcers in my mouth. about 2 or 3 from what i can see. They are in really crappy spots one on the side of my tongue so its constantly rubbing on my teeth and another on the back of my mouth like on the left side of the throat opening (kinda hard to explain) I also fee pain down the left side of my throat. Everything is really red and inflamed. I have been using magic mouth wash and triamcinolone. it is hard to medicate them cause they are in really hard spots. I also feel y normal achy self. I have a really busy weekend and i am going way next week!!!!! I really dont want to take predisone because it makes me crazy and i dont even leave the house when i take it!!!! I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to how i can nip this is the butt and fight back without taking predisone??? Thank you in advance ~Jen~

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  • Hi Jen, yep these ulcers can be in awkward places and very painful. What I and many others use is a CLENIL inhaler (works well if used at the onset). A few puffs into your mouth upto 5 times a day, reducing as things get better. It's only air but swish it around then blow out. Can also be used on vaginal or anal ulcers. There is also a spray for the nose. Definitely worth a try, I've always had good results if I use it immediately it seems to stop the flare.

    Hope this helps


  • Thanks Billi, Is there anything that you have used or the counter? Something i woud not need a script for?

  • No not if you want a fast result. Are you not on any other meds such as colchicine?

  • I have tired colchicine before but the side effects were to much for me to handle

  • Sometimes we have to balance between symptoms or adverse effects of medications. It's just the way it is unfortunately. Sorry couldn't be of more help.

  • Hi Jen. If I were in your position I would rest as much as I can and try and cut back on the busyness at the weekend to up my chances of going away. I'd also eat right, loads of green veg, beans, nuts and berries (all anti inflammatory foods) and no sugary foods or empty carbs. Good luck!

  • I am in the United States but do u have dentist that offer laser therapy. There is a temporary extremely painful method that gets the pain to zero in a minute but if u can't get to the ulcer we have had no luck. Debactoral is the name of the medicine but u are basically cauterizing the ulcer. If u can't take using the Debactoral just no hardly anyone can even with pain meds

  • Hi Jenniferlynn43 our factsheet may help too

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