Some will get it,others,alas,too young.Its a nice,bright morning,sun is trying to pop out but that ginger cat is annoying me.

About 2 weeks ago,I saw a baby rabbit in my garden,it appears to be living under my shed as It is always there which is fine.A local ginger cat appears to be aware of the rabbit and is hanging around.As I have previously written,I hate bullying in all forms and this extends to the animal world.I have to shoo the cat away from the area as I don't want it to eat the rabbit as this constitutes bullying in my book.Should I borrow my friends staffy to eat the cat that wants to eat the rabbit which is so cute.On the other hand,I am partial to rabbit stew.Decisions,decisions!!

Not sure this topic is covered at my group meetings,what does one do,Lizzie is just off to college(my neighbour),can see her through the window,no,I'm not a curtain twitcher,got blinds actually.

Any ideas on the rabbit issue or indeed recipe suggestions appreciated!Will let you know how the meeting pans out,thanks for listening.


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15 Replies

  • Use a water pistol to shoo away the cat

  • One of these days , you will be putting "Going to get " and you will be getting married " :-D

    I had a situation with a bird (the feathered kind ) was in my garden , I think it had a damaged leg , was so worried we get a lot of cats & knew if they saw it that would be that

    I got a box , took some doing , crept up on the bird , trapped it under the box & then phoned RSPCA and they came & took the bird

    Don't no if you could catch a rabbit , is it wild ? good exercise maybe trying :-/

    Hope the meeting goes well



  • wild as wild can be and faster than a speeding bullet.

  • You bad girl! How can you talk about rabbit stew when you won't let the cat have its meal? You really will have to go vegetarian! Only joking. But I bet the cat is cute too.xxx

  • bonkerswoman

    Love that name :-D

    Think castle is male :-/

    Made me smile when you put bad girl

    Hope you are having a good day


  • If bonkers wants me to dress up as a woman,then I shall,but only at weekend!

  • O do post a picture when you do :-D

  • Silly me. I really am bonkers. Glad you smiled tho. BriarRosie showed me how to do funny faces, so here goes - :-D :-/ :-\ :-) xxx

  • That made me laugh as well your faces , I thought I was her only pupil on here , she has been teaching more has she ;-) :-D :-) :-( :-/


    See I am an A* pupil at something :-D


  • wot is that pickie? is it a spud with glasses or a biscuit? xx

  • Its a cookie , because cookie on here wanted me to change my pic , then yes when I saw the sunglasses which they are , it reminded me of these flipping eyes that I go on about

    It made her happy & me look daft or dafter :-D


  • How about adopting the lovely bunny and building him a cage and safe run, we know you're handy! The rabbit will be safe and the cat can just drooool ...

  • oops! sorry castelnaudry. think it must have been the audry bit of your name that fooled me.

    dressing as a woman at weekends could be fun. I must try it too. (never out of trousers except in bed.xx

  • No worries,thats the second time I've been mistaken for a woman on here.I should explain,Castelnaudry is where I used to live in French France near England!!

  • o! je suis desole (with an accent over the e) xx

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