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Hello there.

I suffer from agrophobia which obviously means I dont go out much.

However I do sometimes manage to get out into the garden.

We have a lovely large garden where my brother keeps his buggery jars.He breeds them which is his hobby and keeps them in a lovely apiary which he made himself.We also have a tortisoise called John but we dont see much of him.

My favourite pet is my NUTTERS a lovely female ginger cat. I called her Nutter when she was a kitten because she was as nutty as a fruitcake and because my brother and me both love Ginger Nut biscuits.

She dont go out much now because she is fourteen and getting on a bit but she is my constant companion.

Do other readers find that their animals are a comfort to them?

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...'buggery jars' killing myself with laughter over that one! Cheered me up for the day.

I have a dog who keeps me very amused and busy a lot of the day.


Sometimes a touch of humour or (a slip of the typing finger) helps!

Yes I love dogs too but sadly could not take one for a walk


Excuse me please but how can you keep "buggery jars" in an apiary?

Surely one should keep bees in there?


i have 3 dogs they are mixture of comfort and stress unfortunately. two of them hate other dogs so i have to walk them when its fairly quiet outisde as they go nuts,its so embarrassing and causes my anxiety to go sky high. the 2 little ones also try and attack my older dog whenever she comes into the lounge. im at a loss as to what to do. but i do love them dearly,they mae us laugh and they ar very loving so its not all bad,i just work round their behaviour as im not well enough o take them training and cant afford a behaviourist.


It must be lovely to have a big garden oldmaid.

I have two dogs ... both 'rescued' from awful situations by animal welfare organisations. One of them was starved to near-death by her previous owner. Despite the cruelty they have endured, they have very calm, loving temperaments ... and they're excellent companions.

Teddysmum43 ... I once had a dog that hated other dogs, and so I can relate to how this behaviour makes you feel anxious: have you tried using a 'head collar' (aka 'gentle leader' ... not sure whether I can mention the actual brand here or not!) They give you a lot more physical control over the dog's movements than a traditional collar & lead or harness & lead ie: when you're out with them, head collars would prevent your dogs from lurching towards other dogs.


I have a dog, sometimes he causes me stress, sometimes he's just lovely and really cheers me up, he's like a living teddy bear. We like to sit in the garden and listen to my neighbours' chickens, not the same as buggery jars but still soothing.

My mother's got a cat that's 18 and still going strong, so you've years yet with yours, oldmaid!

Lovely blog x


Hi Oldmaid

I have 3 cats who keep me company, we got them from a cat rescue and they are so close with each other, two girls and one boy and the girls absolutely adore the boy, its so cute to see. Xx


Well done Old Maid

A lovely blog that is funny,cheerful and involves all kinds of people,who,like myself find animals a comfort.

I hope your lovely cat Nutter has many years left



Hi Old Maid

We have a zoo, well nearly! 1 dog (staffie) 2 cats quite a number of tropical fish oh and the wabbit, the dog knows her place with the kitties!!

Certainly brings entertainment whatever my mood



Hello axo,

I find animals very very restful,But wabbits are definitely my favourites,


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