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Time fer a bit of telly me thinks,lets see wots on,ITV2 Plebs,ITV3 Afterlife,Food Network,Bitchin' Kitchen,charming.Sons not back,told him 10 oclock,he has a strop on so being a smart arse,oh,hang on,he's here now, 10 past.Just watching the news,how doomy and gloomy,Boston bombers,Sons happy,Man U won the title,he's gone for a shower.

You see,when I look at all the bad stuff going on,my issues seem so trivial and it really does make me take stock.My friends, friend (22) has just died,amongst other things,she had Aids,I don't know all the details but bloody hell 22,how lucky I am ,almost 50 and little to worry about really.

Enough doom and gloom,got my meeting tomorrow,all positive stuff,gonna ask about other groups etc,see whats out there.Quite fancy the old acupuncture or hypnotherapy,very open minded these days,I think you have to be really,especially with any mental issues,not like you can put a plaster on it,is it?

So,I will report back tomorrow,hopefully,with a cure!

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sometimes, despite all channels available, there is nothing on to watch.

looking forward to the cure!



I give all treatments a go if I think they will help me. Good luck, look forward to hearing how you got on. xx


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