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what is it?


for the last 2 months now I have felt odd. i have done blood tests and a ecg and everything has come back fine. it started 2 months back oen night when i was trying to sleep. suddenly my heart races, i felt dizzy and thought i was having a heart attack (panic attack possibly? ) I then fogot about it. about a week later the same thing happened, nothing triggered it, i was just going to sleep. since then i don't seem to get these now. however i now seem to wake up with my heart feeling "odd" sometimes it's like dread, sometimes it feels likea chest and heart infection type of thing. i get extremely itchy hands. i work a physical job and sometimes feel completely out of breath, and on these days I seem to be working at anout 60-70% of what i feel i used too. my heart sometimes seems to just go fast. this morning i have woken feeling all odd inside and have work, which i really don't want to do feeling like this. my question really is, is this anxiety? if so, then i don't know why i am getting it? i wouldnt say i have anything i am overally worrying about. i wasnt even worrying about this as it had seemed to go away for nearly a week until yesterday (well it was kind of there, but not bad, if you know what i mean). I just dunno if you can wake up with anxiety. As I got blood tests back few days ago, i will be making another doctors appointment. your thoughts would be most welcome. thanks,

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Hello Iceberg.

To me, an anxiety sufferer, it sounds exactly like anxiety.

Waking up with the racing heart and the feeling of fear/dread is sadly quite normal for those of us suffering. Mornings are always worst for me.

I had anxiety for years until I actually realised that was what it was.

Loads of little things can creep up on you without you actually realising they're causing you anxiety on a subliminal level until one day it gets strong enough to really rear its head.

Hope you're okay. You're not alone that's for sure!

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Bramwell/Lindalou, that is exactly how it is (the little things seem to matter more). Before this all happened I had been thinking the last 2 years I have worried more and thought more what people thought of me etc. I never used to be like that. I now seem to over-analyse things that really arent important.


I would think it is anxiety,I feel it just crawled into my life with me not noticing ,Are you a worrier ?I was ,just a normal worrier, nothing big and I feel slowly it just grew,I did not understand it and thought I had depression until I found this site.

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Bramwell/Lindalou, that is exactly how it is (the little things seem to matter more). Before this all happened I had been thinking the last 2 years I have worried more and thought more what people thought of me etc. I never used to be like that. I now seem to over-analyse things that really arent important.

hi iceberg and snap i have been the same waking in the night sweats and shakes and terrible in a morning dizzy spells and light headed i also had ecg and bloods and was fine it is worrying cos you really feel funny and cant explain to people how it feels go back to your gp and explain to him i went weeks and it did get worse at one point so go and see him for reassurance and dont feel embarrassed and keep blogging there are some lovely people on here xxx

Thanks Sheff Wed. It sometimes seems worse not knowing as it's starting to effect the person I am. Some days I can barely talk to people. The most annoying thing is I ain't depressed, I kind of wish I was. Just when things are going well, all this rubbish happens.

I didn't really believe in it used to think if i think positive i could get through anything. Had a really bad year last year tried to block it out now i struggle to sleep I first i was worried what the feelings where i was having pounding heart getting hot sweatty then cold. The dread and empty ness is the worst i feel like you just want to dissapear. some times it got unbearable and just wished it would all end. but talking on here i realised im not alone and that it can be managed,


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Bigtonyd - 100% pal. I never believed in it. Never really got the depressed/anxiety thing. Would have said I am head strong and have got over everything in the past (split up, teenage hormones, deaths, etc) without drugs. Now I understand more that it's not a positive/negative thing. I know the feeling about it all ending, gets to a point you battle through work 5 days a week and then cba to go out at the weekend. Great life, that is.

Hello All - it may be worth you researching "reactive hypoglycaemia" as this can cause these sorts of reactions. A glucose tolerance test would confirm or deny this. A naturopath may be the best person to consult, tho' ideally your GP may be sympathetic and not immediately resort to anti-anxiety drugs. I am currently experimenting with having little or no sweets, cakes, biscuits or anything else with a lot of sugar, and also trying de-caffeinated coffee and tea and Red Bush tea, to cut back on caffeine. I have felt better but not sure yet if it is going to be the whole answer. Good luck. x

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Stells, I do not eat cakes, chocolate etc etc. Never really eaten anything like that as I just don't have a taste for it. I eat reasonablly healthly. I have given up tea now (have been trying some Dr Stuart's valerian tea, which isnt doing a damn thing). Never have sugar on breakfast's or tea's etc andnever drink coffee.

So the story so far...

I am getting fed up with my doctors to be honest. I seem to be in and out of there with no answers. Considering my doctors is miles away from where I work it's becoming a strain waiting weeks to get a bloody morning appointment.

Now I am apparently doing a 24hr ECG. No idea when this happens as they just said I will get a letter through the door. Brilliant. So that's probably another 3 weeks until I next see my doctor with "it all came up fine".

So that will be nearly three months of feeling like this. I told them the heart racing happens about 2-3 times a week. So a 24hr ECG has about 30-45% chance of catching it that day.

Might as well get me to dig a hole and fill it up again. Getting so annoyed with feeling like this and then waiting weeks to hear, "you're fine". Like hell I am.

Well back to waiting and taking more days off work. I can seriously see why people self medicate now. Tempted to do it myself,

I think a lot of us long-term sufferers on here will agree there's no point getting annoyed or het-up about it.

Accept this how you are at the moment and, I know it's very hard to do, see if you can alleviate any of the worries that are causing you stress.

I know I suffer from anxiety (and very badly from health anxiety) and try to accept this how I am.

Yep - they do say acceptance is a big part of getting to grips with anxiety/panic etc. Perhaps my trouble is I NEED ANSWERS!!! That's why I keep doing research and trying complimentary therapies. It is so reassuring to know that there are so many other people who have symptoms from anxiety and health worries - makes such a difference to know one is not alone.

Iceberg - your diet sounds really healthy so at least you can be reassured your general health must be good. Do hope you get some answers soon.

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