Mr irritable

Hey guys I'm feeling really irritated and stressed tonight. Being really snappy and the littlest thing is annoying me. This is making me feel really agitated and on edge. I mean it was stressing me out that the table looked messy and I'm usually mr messy so not sure where that's come from. Also feeling very close in which I don't like I fell like everybody is invading my personal bubble.

Thinking of doing the stupid thing and texting my ex. I know my break up has been a big part in me feeling like this, bit talking to her always chills me out. I'm strange I know. Thought I'd blog on here instead hopefully this will help me relax.

Hope everyone is ok



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  • Hi Mr Irritable

    Maybe you have caught some of my OCD :-D don't like a messy table either !

    Don't give yourself a hard time , it really is early days , you will go through all different feelings & moods , go with them , don't worry , they will pass & you will be back to the old/ young, will

    You may not feel it but you are doing really well , you have resisted as hard as it may seem , you will start to find different ways to calm yourself down , as time goes on

    Keep going , you are doing well ;-)




  • Maybe never been one for OCD. Is it contagious?

    I sent myself to bed early with a cuppa and a few episodes of supernatural. Don't like feeling like I'm upsetting the people around me. Nit feeling line I'm doing to great at the mo if I'm honest. I put on a good front sometimes, but in my head I'm just numb.

    Thanks as always for your support

  • O goodness yes it is ...don't come to close :-D

    You will feel numb , sometimes , as it starts to really sink it , it can feel worse before it gets better

    I no you don't think you are doing well , but I no how hard this can be , so believe us for now when we say you are :-/


  • Hi will

    just allow the emotions to come and go and try not to be hard on yourself. It takes time for feelings for a person to fade but they will and you will be happy again but right now practise being kind to yourself. I think there's something in the air though as I have been really irritable and stressed recently and defo caught whywhys OCD I've gone mental cleaning the house(and its not dirty), I've emptied cupboards and thrown alsorts away. I'm whacked but starting to feel the stress subside. Keep moving forward Iove eve x

  • O dear , I am catching :-D


  • No I would describe you as infectious(in a really good way) xx lots of hugs xx

  • Thanks Eve , that was lovely , so nice I will do you a :-/ my new face I was taught by our lovely Will today , save them now for special people like you ;-)


  • Oh thank you im off to sleep now and will picture my little smiley face as I drift off nite nite take care x

  • Hey eve I try not to be hard on myself. But I'm not used to feeling this disconnected and on edge. I'll try to move forward baby steps I think.

  • Hi will

    You will experience lots of emotions as the days go by. Would writing a letter but not sending it help you to get things out of your head? I think it was rose who suggested it on a blog the other day. Every time you feel like texting write it down. It will be small fairy steps and I wish I had a magic wand love eve x

  • If you are in cleaning mode Eva would you come and clean my place please? :)

    Bev x

  • Hi bev of course I will be round in a jiffy cos my stress/anxiety not settled down yet see you soon with my feather duster watch out love eve x

  • Thank you Eve. I will keep a watch for you :)

    Bev x

  • What about start doing a little run......... exercise is great for getting rid of anxious / stress.......??

    I think youre doing great........... better than I did............. really...........

    Texting may make you feel better for a short while.... but its like putting a tiny plaster on that big gaping wound that whywhy was talking about..... it just prolongs the agony and sets you back a step........... I know cos Ive done it :-(

    Dont be hard on yourself... youre gona be grumpy, why wouldnt you be??


  • I'm thinking of rejoining the gym to hopefully work the stress out. Tonight I just relaxed with a DVD. I've chilled out a little still not feeling great.

    I've avoided texting, but it's getting harder to convince myself not to. I'm just going to have to take each day as it comes and hopefully make it to the weekend without texting that's the goal I've set myself.

    Hope your doing ok

  • Hello Will, just recovering from reading about pants and mushrooms. This tells me that you aren't really a grump. Tiz just a hiccup. Thanx for the laugh.xx

  • Hi will

    I agree with Anne running is a great stress reliever but don't do what I did... I started slow and was building up nicely then had a really bad day so I put my trainers on and ran like a nutter, switched off completely and forgot to stop! Seriously I was knackered and had peed myself... Mmm forest gump springs to mind run forest run hee hee I was laid up for two days my knees were not impressed with me... you have been warned xxxx

  • Eve....... you make me smile........... :-) xx

  • Theres a great song called just that,"you make me smile" Simply Red,check it out,its brilliant.

  • I will do just that......:-)

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