Symptoms and feelings of anxiety


Was just wanting to know what symptoms and feeling do you all get with anxiety?

Lately mine has been derealization, feels like I'm about to pass out, ringing in ears, fast heart rate, headaches, cold/hot flushes jelly legs pins and needles in hands. Feel like I need to flee and get back home. Feel like I'm in a bubble, sometimes my mouth goes dry. And a massive one for me at the minute is I feel very on edge, jumpy, twitchy like I need to move all the time. And I've started feeling sick, light headed almost like I loosely balance sometimes dizzy.

My thoughts are racing and I'm thinking all sorts my mind jumps from one thing to another. Feel like I cannot talk. Feel scared something bad is happening to me or I'm about to die or pass out.


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  • And I've just purchased some cbd oil today and I'm too scared to try it. Anyone had This?

  • Hi all the symptoms you have said are anxiety and most of us on here have had them all.the goods news is you can get better with help from your doctor,get them to refer you for some CBT treatment and you may need to take some medication to calm down the anxiety.a short course of diazepam ,also read Dr Claire weekes book self help for your nerves available from Amazon.hope you are soon feeling better.but you must ask for help.

  • I've had something of hers before think it was a CD I'm not sure but I will defiantly look for this thank you. I'm doing exposure therapy and it's not going good tbh I feel I'm having panic attacks daily now too. I have diazepam but I have a fear of taking tablets I'm not doing good am I lol.

    Thank you

  • Trust me diazepam will calm you down they just relax you.they are the only tablets I will take for my anxiety when it starts up.was offered different medication.but I said I will keep to diazepam thanks always been fine on side affects just make me feel relaxed and calm.

  • Oh yes. Such familiar feelings..literally every one. I seem to be feeling these feelings again now that I am in my last trimester of pregnancy and my anxiety has tried to creep up. I dealt with these feelings for nearly two years before letting them go. I've been taking cbd oil the last couple week! Don't be scared of it! There is no physcoactive component. Try and take it every day and then when you feel panicky have a little more. I feel as though it really helps and calmed me down so much the other night during an attack where I had horrible shakes.

  • Yes, I've tried it and it helps but doesn't last long.

  • I have all these symptoms. You are not alone!

  • I have had all of these symptoms. You will be okay. (: Try to distract yourself as best you can.

  • I always feel like I'm either gonna die or I feel unreal much like The depersonalization I wish it would take a hike . I know how you feel buddy , if you ever need someone to talk to I'm here for you

  • Me too! I've been getting them so long I just sit back and let them pass. I detest anxiety.

  • Very good reply ! Just let them wash over you and accept them and trust me they get less and less as you accept them.

  • I agree I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy

  • I get all the same things happen to me all the time I feel your pain

  • Thank you everyone, I've tried all sorts of things too aroma therapy, did help a little with sleep. But it's that deep now it's not working I feel like I'm about to freak out it's crazy. Do any of you get ice prick like pains in your head top sides and back? And my neck is so painful from being tense.

    I have gone through this before and I will overcome this again. It's amazing how strong we all must be to live with this everyday and make it through the day.

    Thank you everyone

  • I have that pain in my neck and uper back and for me when i breath deep its worst i had it for two werks last month then i was ok for ten days and two days ago my anxiety come back together with the pain.

  • I've had derealization and anxiety. . I know how you feel and I'm praying for you now that you will have a joyful life. What has helped me understand and deal with my derealization and anxiety was Bible based psychotherapy with Dr. Pauline Holmes. Today she has a website that has her materials available on audio that you can download for free. Please visit her website at www.graceandsanity,org. When you are at the site, click on the "our web radio station". You will then see the list of many of Dr Holmes' audio programs. Click on the "Fear" topics and listen to help you understand what you are feeling and lessen your anxiety and derealization. May the materials on that website be a blessing to you.

  • I know exactly how you feel , even the lights in supermarket make me dizzy , it's realy scary and iam convinced I have some serious undiagnosed illness , hopefully we will get through this xx

  • Yeah I'm like that too or if the lighting is too dim. I've had quite a few bad days tbh my ears feel odd almost sensitive to sound tad bit painful and I've got to pop them by opening my mouth to clear them it's at it's worst today. Doctors thought I had vertigo but by the second visit it's now something he doesn't know as I get a feeling I'm moving even lying down or sat.

    I've felt sick all day and I'm at my wits ends can't seem to find anything to relax me it's that bad.

    I'm so tempted to try smoking weed as I've been told that will relax me


  • I've had all these symptoms you are not alone mainly.lightheaded feeling of passing out.. really spaced out feeling in my head

  • Anxiety/panic is such a nasty thing to have literally draining the life out of me as I'd imagine it does all of you. How is there no cure for this

    Wish you all well


  • Take 2 mg of your valium I was scared too but it really does help

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