MEDICATION - what was I so afraid about !!

Hi . My very first questions I posted on hear was about sertraline 50mg and its side effects . I had a really bad experience with side effects on these and that completly put me off taking medication at all.

I have been waiting for CBT for 4 months n decided to just manage on my own without medication until my apt came through . Well 1 month ago I hit a all time low n my anxiety started really taking control of me so after seeing my GP she has put me on fluoxitine 20mg and they are really started to help. Yes I did feel anxious the first 4 days ( but no worse than one of my bad days anyway ) but nothing as horrific as the side effects first time.

I was always against medication and although I still dnt think it is a cure for anxiety it doesn't solve the root cause but It can certainly help minimise the symptoms of it in the short term while you do solve it .


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  • Hi,im a lot like you as far as medication is concerned,saying that I got desperate for sleep and was given zopliclone,dont know if they worked or if I simply thought they would work but I did sleep.Anyway,years ago my ex suffered badly with anxiety,she was given medication for depression which she took,she felt better and later realised she was forgetting to take her tablets.She decided she didn't need tablets after all,anxiety gone,simple as that.She may be a one off,who knows but it worked for her,i am going to ask my doctor for medication and see for myself if it helps,i will let you know,take care.

  • hi, pleased to read that you haven't experienced many side effects. Not everyone does, nor with every medication, and as a you've said, sometimes not any worse than the anxiety symptoms anyway! Thin many of us feel we're against medication, ok for others, but we want to feel we are 'strong' enough to get through it ourselves, but I think it really can help and modern anti depressants aren't at all like the ones in the bad old days when people got hooked. Glad you feel they are helping.

  • Hi loopsyloo glad you have found a med that suits you. You do sometimes have to try different ones but when you find one it certainly props you up until you get your feet back on the floor again. I've been on them in the past but I didn't stay on them long enough and didn't get any counselling or therapy. I think you need both for it to be effective long term. Just remember not to stop taking them when you start to feel ok as you need them for a few more months otherwise you could be back to square one. Take care hun love eve x

  • Hi loopsyloo

    I have been really scared of medication, but I have gotten so wound up since stating work I think I am going to have to, or quit. You have help me feel a little better about it. I hope it continues to go well for you.

  • This is the thing with medication. For some people it can take much longer to 'kick in' which can makes them feel as if they are not going to get better. You can be lucky when they work in a short time, so persevere.

    Nice to hear people's comments on this site xx

  • hi loopsyloo,delighted you found a med to suit you,I have tried so many,and they all make me feel weird and panicy,IM taking nothing now ,only xanax 0.5 three times daily, and rescue remedy,I am feeling ok good days and bad,but my sister swears by sertraline,she is on them a month and I can see the change in her already,goes to show the different way people react to meds..great to hear some good news on this site.xxxx

  • very worried now about your blog on sertraline for the first time ( side effects ) my wife has just been put on them with mirtazapine for sleep. hope you didn 't suffer too much with them. will really have to keep an eye on any changes in her, but I suppose not everyone gets the same side effects.xx

  • Newton6848 im sorry if i caused u any concern . My GP Assured me that not all people react to medications the same and reading some posts on this site sertraline has helped alot of people. It is always worth keeping a eye on things when starting new medication but just because I had a bad experience doesn't mean that your wife will x

  • thanks loopsyloo. of course you are right. will definitely keep an eye on her when she starts her new treatment tommorrowx

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