Stressed and so tired

Stressed and so tired

I wish I could do more. I barely get through work and have no energy left. This means things don't get done and I do not enjoy life! I know it's not good to be stressed but I don't know how not to be. I try to nap cause it's my day off then I wake up feeling worse than before but not rested. I cleaned the sink and toilet today. That's it I don't even have energy to shower. I'm not sure what to do when everything is stressful and causes anxiety. Am I supposed to work eat and sleep??? Sorry I'm just whining! And my tummy is upset probably eating too much sugar😥 


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  • Thank God we don't look like what we're going thru! Because you look beautiful! 😍  I'm having a bad day too. I hope it gets better for us! 😕

  • Thanks you are so sweet! I'm laying here in bed now still can't get in the shower.   And now freaked out cause the back of my right leg is hurting. Was sleeping and woke in a panic😕

  • I hate that. I hate getting new anxiety symptoms. Try taking a warm bath and play music so it'll kinda drown out your thoughts. Hot showers send me in panic mode. 

  • And you're so welcome! 

  • Hi Chubbers,   you are too beautiful to waste your life in the house.  My gosh, you could be a model.  All aside, I know you are under a lot of stress and not feeling well. I wish you a better evening and a peaceful night's sleep.  Hugs,  xxx

  • Thanks Agora if only I didn't weigh 255 pounds and grow facial hair😥 Yes I am a female I think lol! I really am but feel broken as was never able to have children and now being nearly 42 and barely able to take care of myself I don't want any however feel I have missed out somehow. Nothing I do seems to matter I work just to pay bills. Not enjoying my job it's so stressful. I try not to let it stress me but don't know how. My boyfriend gets by joking and doesn't stress like me. I wish I could be more like that!!!

  • Tell  your boyfriend, he is the lucky one, having a caring and loving woman like yourself.  Waving my "magic wand"  that you will be stress free tonight.  xxx

  • I'm feeling lonely 😥

  • xxx

  • Are you at work?

  • I'm home now but today there was a tornado by my work and my anxiety was through the roof. I'm trying to get over the stress on my body from that. 

  • Oh, that would scare me to death too. Being so helpless against Mother Nature.  I hope you can settle down so you can get a good night's sleep.  Take care my friend.  xx

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