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Scared about my future

I've been really stressing about my future recently. I've just turned 20 and I'm starting to panic because I don't have my life together. I have an idea of what I want to achieve but it's pretty big and there's a good chance it may never happen. I want to be a screenwriter and move to New York City. I'm in college at the moment and I do want to go to university but I've been having doubts about it all. Sometimes I think I should drop out of college and try to make my dreams happen now, but then other times I think I should get my education. I don't want to live a life struggling to pay the rent and being poor in general. I'm really scared that's what's going to happen. I'm so stressed about everything. I don't know what to do! I need some advice. x

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Hi there,

I wouldn't worry about not having your life together at 20, you are just starting out and your allowed to not have your life together, Im sure most 20 year old don't!!

You have your life ahead of you, don't give up on your dreams, but realise that things do take time, take your steps forward towards achieving your goals but don't expect it to happen overnight..... but don't forget to have Fun in the meantime!!

I'm 50 and hopefully going back to college in Sept to achieve my dreams!!

I hope this helps to make you feel a little more positive about your situation!!

Lots of Love .. K x


Thank you, this helped :) xx


Please do not rush into things life is not a race, try and enjoy your time here . Sometimes it is better to let things take their natural course because if we try to influence things too much they have a habit of going totally wrong and we fall to pieces. You are very young , stay in college because that is the path you have chosen for the time being . Give life a chance to develop your dream will still be there in a couple of years and you will be better prepared to live it. Above all believe in yourself and enjoy your life.


If you get your formal education first, you'll find you can handle things better and worry less as you mature. And you'll get a better job and be able to mix with others better too. In practice we never need to stop learning but it gets harder to re-create those opportunities once you drop out.

On a deeper level there are probably specific issues leading you to feel this way and it could be very beneficial to work out what they are. They are likely to include some relationship issues (e.g. are you feeling the need to impress someone?), financial worries, like debt or a bill payment coming due, or a change in circumstances causing you to feel unsettled and stressed, or loss of control. There are lots of possibilities, but you will be able to find the causes if you look and you may find it helps talking through the issues once you have done some preliminary work on them for yourself.

All the best,



Life is a journey and you don't need to be stressing to get onto the next step. Slow down, you will fulfil your dreams a lot better if you pace yourself . 20 is a great age and you should be enjoying it. My son is now 26 and in a totally diff place when he was 20. Was a professional football coach and travelled over the world and I thought great he has made it. One day out the blue he decided it was not for him and started looking after people with special needs and has never looked back, now sitting exams to further himself in that field. You see life is journey but its not one God wants you stressing over. He is the happiest 26 yr old i know, why? Because he trusts in God to guide him and leaves the worrying to him. You should do the same, honestly. He now has his own flat and car and lives a good life being kind to others etc. You get a chance listen to Matt Chandler on you tube x You know God said ..therefore do not worry, for tomorrow has enough worries of its own. Leave it to him. Get your college over and downtime and do it to your best possible ability, then take the next step. Don't worry things will all work out for you. Try putting it with God, honestly amazing the weight thats lifted off your shoulders. He does not want you to worry one single second of your life. Start with the Matt Chandler clips on you tube and if you have time listen to Steven Furtick - you won't ever look back x Here is you need any help. Hold onto your dreams but let God guide you. x

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Steven Furlick..... when your problems are bigger than your plan, look this up x x Get in touch any time. Don't waste another day by worrying my friend ok. Well done is seeking advice though x


Brave the Waves (anxious for nothing) Steven Furlick on you tube x x


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