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Emergency or overly stressed? Someone please??

I've been having pins and needles sensation on my left side of face especially when I talk raise my voice or get mad. My daughter has aspergers, she has a fear of having a bm and that causes her to have these major fits everyday nothing calms her and I have to urge her to take her meds and creams so she doesn't have pain and it hard these last two days have been horrible I have been stressed to my limit. Could these pains be cause of that? I also feel it going to my left arm shoulder blade it's like a heavy tight feeling I'm 25 40lbs overweight. Blood work was fine from two months ago low potassium, cholesterol was like two numbers over the normal range liver enzymes were elevated everything else was fine they also did two EKGs like I 5 minute one and said it was okay. As I type this my forearm feels achey and tight. :( I am with my kids 24/7 don't sleep well at night and hardly get a break to go to the bathroom. I've told their dad to give me at least 30 mintues on the weekend he says no ayes I'm not the one who deserves it he's the one that needs it since he's the one that works. I don't have family nearby or friends since I am always with the kids to get a lil help.

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Sounds like all this is from stress , I'm really sorry that your going through all this but just remember if all your blood work and ekgs came back normal you shouldn't worry about too much of your health the doctors would of called you if something was seriously wrong, and I'm sorry about the whole father thing I wish i could give you advice on that but I'm 19 and don't have kids but I see what my mom goes through at times and I talk with her I know it can be stressful with kids and everything i see it with my parents, but the anxiety I've been dealing with that for almost 3 years, just try and relax i know its easier said then done but when you take showers or when its time too sleep try and relax yourself keep writing on here it helps.


Hi! Thank you for responding.

When you mentioned shower I was so frazzled I had not thought about it and thank you for that cause it actually help in my time of panic I come here looking for this type of help so thank you very much!! :)


Hi there, you have a lot to try and cope with you deserve a break too, I've been a full time mum and know how hard it can be, reckon going out to work is easier lol you get a start time lunch break and finish time !

Dont think some men appreciate all you do, could you have a chat and say you need a break sometimes, if he doesn't see why perhaps he could take a week off work and try doing everything you do , he might realise it's not so easy then :) xx



Not sure we have spoken before so hello. but definitely sounds like stress and anxiety to me. What a lot you have to cope with it's no wonder your getting these symptoms. Have you tried contacting the aspergers society re some help and advice and support. I don't know where you live but i know there are groups throughout Britain. They have a website that would give you details.

I definitely think you have to have a serious talk, laying it on the line with your other half and let him know how your feeling and that you are only just coping. You are a person too and entitled to a life. So what that he works, what a selfish b.... If that still doesn't work then i would suggest talking to your GP and telling them what it's like to be you and ask what they suggest.

Big hugs



Hi, the pains you have will be the stress coming out you will be holding yourself really tight. Is it half term where you are? If so can you take the kids out to the park? Let them run off some steam?

Also have you spoken to your GP? I think you need to about your stress. Does your daughter have any support for her aspergers? If not try having a look on google for things to do with her.

Take care xx


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