Stress echo tomorrow. Overly STRESSED

I've got a stress echo tomorrow and they are also setting me up with a 48 hour holter monitor. I'm relieved that my PCP set me up for this, but extremely nervous and stressed about this also. I've had 3-4 ecg's over the past 5 months, 2 complete blood work ups, and everything seems to turn up completely fine. I guess just the anxious part of me worries about having the test done tomorrow. I feel like it more than likely is just anxiety since I was diagnosed back in 07. But those terrible 'what ifs' are popping into my mind, and making tomorrow seem so stressful!


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  • I've been bouncing around with 'what ifs' about my heart for so long I've forgotten that even after all this time it's FINE. Each Test you've had is fune, and so will this one 😁 P

  • Yes deep down I truly feel like it will be fine, but those what ifs are just soo powerful at times! I've never had a stress echo or holter monitor. So I'm hoping and I sense if these come back normal I will have the peace of mind I need to hopefully put this behind me. Thanks for your response!

  • Sounds like you're being extremely thoroughly investigated' If there was anything major, it would have shown up on the tests you've already had

  • That's what I keep trying to tell myself, hopefully these tests are just for peace of mind and I can try to get back to a more normal life soon.

  • I feel your pain i had a 7 day heart monitor and did stress test running on a trim mill thyriod blood work and echo everything seems fine just said i have a little bit of arrythmia but not a dangerous he said im fine to just hit the gym and do things to not worry nothing is erong with my heart but this was about 1month half ago now i wanna go see another cardiologist because i think things are getting more worst with pressure on my chest when im laying down or someone one is lressing down on it then leaves its a off and on thing but idk makes me worry alot about it so idk i think i might see another one because my heart beats really fast at time think that aryythmia got worst and lately been having shortness of breath but good luck my friend everything should be normal.🙌🏻💯

  • Thank you, I've read some of your posts as well. With you only being 20 and me only 27 more than likely we are completely fine, it's just this terrible anxiety playing tricks with our brain! I feel that once I get this behind me and the results are negative I hope I can just learn to accept that this is anxiety. This is my 2nd time going through something like this. However last time was 4-5 years ago. I didn't have a stress test or holter back then, but I overcame these feelings once before. I'm sure I can do it again, just the anticipation of the tests stress me out!

  • Yeah hope fully It this goes away all this happen after smoking that damn weed now i been like this for 4 months wish i could go back and turn things around because im expericing things that i cant even have fun how i use to go out do things and reach my goals its like i have to be home fighting this thing at times.

  • Well I'm not sure what you believe in, but I am a religious Christian man. I believe everything happens for a reason, I also believe god will not give us things we can't handle. There's trials and tribulations throughout life, and this just happens to be one of our more trying moments. Although I believe everything I just said 100% I still get very fearful at times. Just try to stay in a positive mindset, I'm overly stressed and anxious for tomorrow. But it hasn't even happened yet, and more than likely all will be fine. Just those 'what ifs' are hell on us. We can never be 100% on anything, but I think this is the right direction for me.

  • Yeah you right i also might go check with a different one to see another opnion about it but yeah i know you will be fine

  • And so will you xxx

  • Well had my stress test and my monitor fitted! A lot better than I expected, funny thing was when I first went in my BP was 143/93 pulse in the lower 90s. During the stress test I was watching and when my heart rate hit 145-150 and they took my BP again I was only 148/88. No one could give me answers right then and there of course. But my heart rate got to 182 they didn't have to stop it or call a doctor into the room. So I guess that's a pretty good sign!

  • What's a stress echo and jolted monitor?

  • Stress test. Where you walk on a treadmill and get your heart rate high. They do a sonogram/ultrasound on your heart before and directly after you reach your target heart rate. Holter monitor is a continuous ekg.

  • Oh thank you did you ask your doctor for this?

  • I went and saw my PCP and complained of 'missed beats' and palpitations. He ordered these tests for me, so no I didn't ask for them. He also ran an ecg in his office before ordering the tests.

  • What's a pcp sorry for all the questions

  • No problem at all. It's just short for primary care physician :)

  • Oh ok thanks 😊

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