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After joining and reading your posts for the last couple of days..I would like to introduce myself and say hi. I am Elly.

After suffering from anxiety and panic attacks on and off all my life, I am 45..I faced my fears and saw my doctor on Tuesday. I had tried several times, would walk to the docs..then leave and walk home in a panic..this time i stayed (yay!!) He has diagnosed me with panic disorder bordering on agoraphobia. He has started me on propranolol in increments working up to 120mg on day 8. Am up to 60mg now..and i feel light headed..which makes me panic (doh!) I hope the feeling gets better with time. :(

He also said we could talk about psychotherapy at my next visit in 2 weeks time. I am so frightened right now..having to face up to and confront my fears..but i know it has to be done.

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Hi Elly

Welcome on board and a big Well Done for facing your fears....

I think being amoung people who understand helps, so just get on here and let all your fears out, no one will judge you and everyone understands!!


Kerr xx


Well done elly. I am new too. I am on propanalol 40mg per day and it really helps me with physical symptoms and stopped my horrible headaches. Am on other drugs too. Just increase slowly and it can give those side effects as it lowers blood pressure. I would just pop back if doesnt go off. Well done for going to the drs. I got over panic disorder but have general anxiety disorder now and health anxiety. X


Hi elly and welcome,

I'm the same age as you and have same issues, I'm so scared to leave my house, Im finding it hard to leave my bedroom now as sitting in the living room on street level freaks me out. The curtains are always shut and even the garden is a no no lol

I had first proper councilling sesh yesterday and it was only a 10 min walk but took half hour to get out the house then had panic attack on the way. I was a mess when I got there, crying. I just wanted to borrow Dorothy's red shoes and get home to Kansas ASAP lol.

Anyway welcome aboard the crazy train, I'm glad I boarded 8 weeks ago, I've made some good friends and have ha loads of support xxxxxx best wishes xxxxx


Cookie was it only 8 weeks ago you joined ? seems like 8 years :-D



Lol, I know the feeling, it's like I was born here lol, I've been reborn :-) its the second coming of cookie lol xxxx


Welcome elly

Well done as said for facing your fears & welcome

I cant add much more than whats been said except I hope you feel welcomed & look forward to talking more





well done elly you have taken the biggest step in seeing your dr, welcome to the site. xx


Hi Elly

welcome in,

From experience the therapy is ok, a bit challenging at first, but you take your time, and open up slowly, its a positive thing, and does lead to some peace in the end, well done for getting to the docs

Wishing you well




Thank you everyone for the warm is wonderful to know that there are like minded people out there. I have often thought in the past that I was the only one with such a screwed up brain!! :) I look forward to being a part of this community xx


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