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I've been looking for a safe place to talk about anxiety & I hope this is it. I've suffered with panic attacks and anxiety for 16 years. Some days are better than others. I feel that once I conquered a fear, anxiety latches it's nasty claws into something new. Now it's fears over health problems. I've done stress tests, echocardiogram, Holter monitor, MRIs and CT scans plus follow ups with my GPA and neurologist. One thing that he did say that some of my symptoms may be from is migraines. I have to battle not googling symptoms and obsessing over it. It's a very lonely world when this happens.

So here's my questions...

1. How long have you suffered?

2. What was your lowest point with symptoms

3. What was your best moment dealing with this?

4 what are your coping skillsaside from medics

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I'm so sorry you're suffering - I've only been experiencing anxiety/panic attacks for about a year, but it's horrible. I can't imagine 16 years! It's good in this community that we can support each other through the low times.

for your questions...

1. a year - not a long time, but it feels like forever. I was always kind of anxious as a kid and I worried about everything, but not until last summer did it escalate into full blown anxiety/panic

2. lowest point...probably the months following my first panic attack, I was on edge all the time and didn't reach out to anyone for help. I had heart palpitations and couldn't stop focusing on my breathing, and felt like I was suffocating. I didn't tell anyone in my family (and still haven't - one of my biggest mistakes). Basically I was living in constant fear every day for about a month and a half, every day thinking I would have a heart attack or stroke and die, and it was horrible. I also had a really low point following my second panic attack about a month ago, because I was experiencing new, different symptoms (thank you, health anxiety) that again caused me to panic every second of the day and still I was afraid to tell someone. Thankfully, that state only lasted for about a week. I'm starting to sink a little right now, but I haven't had a panic attack yet - fingers crossed. They sneak up on me.

3. I don't really have a best moment dealing with this, because I don't know how exactly to deal with it.

4. I actually just wrote a post about my coping skills, because I don't really have any good ones - I have a playlist of calming music on my phone that I listen to whenever I start to feel on edge. If my family is around I'll watch a movie with them, play a game, anything to take my mind off it. I also like to knit and to dance, I find exercise helps me ignore some of the physical symptoms. I like to be able to lay down on my bed, but that isn't always an option. I'm looking for a better way to manage my anxiety. Knitting is nice because I can sit down and do it if I'm feeling dizzy, and it gives me something to do with my hands and requires concentration. People recommend breathing exercises but focusing on my breathing can freak me out sometimes and make it worse!

Best of luck to you, anxiety is horrible to live with. I really hate how one day I'll be so happy and living life as usual, only to fall into a pit of anxiety the next day, afraid of everything. I'm making my way toward seeking professional/medical help soon.

I really hope you find the tools to overcome your anxiety, because no one deserves to live like that. We're all behind you here! :)


I had severe panic attacks back in my 20's,I'm 59 now.I had all the usual tests for my heart and finally was put on Xanax and Tenormin.I took that a year or so and weaned off.

The years following that,I have had small bouts of panic attacks.Usually out of the clear blue sky.I'll wake out of a sound sleep with "other" worldly" sensations or like out of body feelings.Last night,after months of not having anything happen, I woke up and it seemed like my room was "folding up" on me.I didn't know any other way to explain it.

I hate's just so scarey.I got on my phone and played on FB for awhile which helped.I then fell back asleep.I'm just on edge now and am afraid to go back to sleep.I am thinking about trying to get xanax again,but doctors do not like to order it.


I know exactly what you are experiencing, I have had panic attacks and anxiety issues for 37 years, all that worrying and guess what I'm still able to function, believe me you will get though it,and actually be a better person for all you've suffering


i feel your pain and frustration i have every kind of test and the Dr's tell me im fine .. these symptoms will go and come and sometimes they wake me up and sometimes im afraid to close my eyes


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