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So today, I've been having a rough day, and I was needing to reach out.

Sometimes when I pray, I'll text a prayer, or type a message to God in the search bar or somewhere and hit enter. I know He hears me either way, but today I just typed in, "God I need you". A song came up that I had heard once when I was driving across Texas -I used to love to just find any excuse to drive and just go somewhere far. It would always ease my mind and with being an adventurist type, I would find the end of a road, park and just walk into the woods.

Anyway- back to the song. I remember hearing the words and the song just touched me. She gave a few lines after the song to talk about what the song had meant to her and why she wrote it.

Instantly remembering today that the song was written because she has suffered anxiety and panic attacks for a long time. Pretty ironic huh?

When I first heard the song, I had no idea what anxiety really was or panic attacks. I now have been dealing with them for almost 3 years and I totally understand what she means.

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  • Very ironic rockster to have that song pop up. I listened to it and it is beautiful and so filled with meaning. Strange how things happen for a reason. Hope you feel better soon. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you Agora.

  • Love this song.I say this exact thing daily.🙏God please take this 🙏

  • He will

  • Hi, I am new here. Music has always helped me with my panic attacks and anxiety. So does prayer and crying to be honest.

  • Crying is something I need to work on.

    I've cried once in the last 2 years and once before that for about as long as I can remember.

    I need to release. This last time I did, I felt a lot better afterwards.

    What kind of music helps you?

  • Definitely try the crying, it's instant relief. I notice when I hold in crying my anxiety gets much worse. I love a lot of music, but two songs that help me a lot is When I'm With You by Citizen Way, and Alive by Sia.

  • Thanks, I will give those a listen.

    Do you play any instruments?

  • Really beautiful . Thank u so much. I know that song will help me.

  • :) that really means a lot

  • Lovely song, thanks for sharing

  • No problem :)

  • I believe in this type of ''God wink'' very nice song full of meaning

  • I would definitely call it a God wink. Specifically with the memory I had tied to it

  • I've had a rough couple weeks. Suffered with anxiety, panic, heart palpitations and vertigo for years. Daily heart palpitations are so scary. Had all the heart tests. MVP, anxiety etc. I always doubt the drs. And fear they've missed something. The more anxious I get the worse it gets. I sang solos in church my whole life and always felt guilty cuz fear is not what we are supposed to do😞but God is forgiving and I work on this daily. Just wish it would stop.. Hope you have a better day today.🙏Enjoyed the song you shared!

  • God does not operate on guilt, satan does. God see's a beautiful soul that's hurting and He wants to help you. Take His healing.

  • What a wonderful post to share, Thank You!

  • No problem:)

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