Fatigue anyone else?

For months now I have had severe fatigue, every day I feel exhausted, beyond tired despite sleep. I sleep 11-7 and some days the fatigue isn't as bad but on days like today I can't open my eyes and I am walking around so fatigued. My eyes sting, head foggy and heavy. Is this normal? I struggle to function. I have had this months and it's raised my anxiety and here I am again living a horrible anxiety disorder.

For 11 weeks now I have had the ground moving feeling when I walk. I have been through a hell of alot of stress as my son was suffering chronic panic attacks after being bullied, he was suicidal and i had to cope by myself with it. It broke me. Plus in my children were getting ill one after the other. It was around this time my dizziness started. It wan't head dizziness but when I walk felt i was on a trampoline and I felt woozy because of this. My legs go weak too. My GP came to see me twice, bloods fine, he did balance, muscle, bp, reflexes, eyes... all normal. I was terrified i had a brain tumour but he said this was stress and fatigue from anxiety.

The last 2 weeks I feel worse. The fatigue is worse and I am exhausted, the floor moving feeling is back again and i am terrified to walk around my house. I rarely go out, I just take my kids to school and pick up at 3 then come home to rest. I manage to cook and feed my pets. I don't do hoovering or anything streneous as I am too exhausted and feel dizzy.

I am worried sick. I am having thoughts what if i collapse and end up in hospital and right now i am so agoraphobic because of this. I am even too scared to go to the GP for an appointment or let him in my house :-( I am not having visitors I feel so weak and dizzy and even get terrified answering the door to the postman. I am scared if I went into hospital they'd section me seeing how much I'd panic :-(

I feel so alone. I have no family other than my husband and children. I am so afraid what's wrong with me. I am told it's just chronic fatigue but surely I shouldn't' feel this bad? :-(



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  • The dizziness sounds like vertigo! I'm not a doctor, but have had vertigo b4! It sounds like panic attacks! I've gone thru them! These r thing I've done! Breathe in thru your nose and out thru your mouth and drink lots of water! Water has a calming affect! It cleanses ur soul! Are you on any antidepressant drugs? Ask your doctor! When I was like that I was afraid to go down our basement to do laundry! My sister was with me for a week and told me I was having panic attacks! I went back on Cymbalta and they went away! Please keep in touch and let me know how u r? Do you live in The USA?

  • I am in the UK.

    Panic causing the dizziness? It is everytime I walk around. I get scared even walking in my house.

    My anxiety is high but I am not having full blown panic attacks?

    I have been on meds 2 years but they don't help much.

  • Ask ur doc about Vertigo! Maybe an ENT DOC! It cud have something to do with your middle ear! Do u get nauseous when the dizziness happens?

  • No sickness or nausea. My GP did the balance tests ENT do and I passed them fine. So he doesn't think it is vertigo at all.

    Thank you for your replies :-)

  • Awe I'm sorry! I wish I cud help more! Also sometime if you are on one antidepressant too long you may need to up the dosage or change completely! I find that Cymbalta works well because it has 2 meds in one! It helps with pain too they say! I also have APS/ Highes Syndrome! It's on this forum also!

  • I know it's hard even for u to write back, but push yourself to do so! It helps to talk to someone who's been thru this! Godspeed

  • I'm sure something else is causing ur dizziness! There are other forums on here that may help u better than me! Your doc may need u to c a Neurologist! I wish you well and so understand you!

  • You sound very very much like me I tip am suffering with severe fatigue and feel the same way as you I can't do anything apart from sit on my sofa all day even getting dressed takes it out of me I get scared now to even try to do the housework etc, I feel as though all my muscles are wasting away I get breathless too, I'm also agoraphobic and live with just my partner so I know where you're coming from with this I really do 😢

  • Aw twinkle I'm so sorry. I have 3 children so am finding this exhaustion tough. Do you get the balance feeling too?

  • Ahh it will really hard having children also I used to get off balance but mainly when I was over tired I sleep a but better now but still have that overwhelming fatigue it's awful

  • I have fatigue daily. Really crippling fatigue. I know how you feel.

  • Ahh me too hun it's really extreme I feel for you I really do 😢

  • Big hugs to you x

  • Aww and to you too hun x

  • I feel alone but yet won't answer the door or even the phone. Haven't had visitors in ages. Actually hid in my room when my sister came with gifts during the holidays.

    Don't like anyone seeing me this way. I do understand how you feel. My heart goes

    out to you. Hope better days are coming. x

  • Oh huge hugs to you as this has made me the same. I don't even want my mum visiting because I feel anxious as hell. I've my son birthday in a week and I am dreading family wanting to visit.

  • I totally understand. When I look back I think I could count on one hand when I had the family over for the kid's birthdays. God bless my mother, she always had it at her house. I didn't realize it was anxiety at the time. :( Good Luck with your son's birthday and the family coming over.

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