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Lunch !!!!!!

My 2 work friends arranged to pick me up around 1,o,clock to go for lunch. Although being a woman i like the chats and gossip and the catch up but i have mixed feelings.

My stomach is churning, my head is thumping and i am so anxious.

Crazy as i have done this before with family. But like always we have good days and bad days. Some day i find it difficult to get out the house and relax.

I am looking out the window blaming the rain and dismal day on how i am feeling( its an excuse). :) but something to blame hahahahha.

I do breathing exercises but today i am not in a relaxed mood.

Any suggestions please?.

Love Seyi xxx

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Keep occupied till it's time to go. I hate waiting it sends my anxiety thro the roof. Enjoy your lunch it's always good to see nice folks. X


Thanks missd for your comment your right when you say its the waiting that sends anxiety sky high. I am looking forward to seeing the girl's but scared of being full of panic that i cannot sit still and enjoy the lunch always on edge.

Thanks for your advice

Love Seyi xxx


morning Seyi,

I feel the same about going out for lunch with friends, I agree and then instantly regret it. But I always enjoy it when I am there and we have a laugh. You said you don't feel relaxed enough to do breathing exercises. I swear my 100 breaths, just breath in and out and count to 100 slowly, I do this even when I can't face anything else. I also do laughter yoga, I know it sounds daft but you picture a big happy smiley face in your tummy, and slowly imagine it moving upwards, into your waste, then chest, shoulders, neck and finally your face. By this stage you can't help but smile probably because you feel like a fool :) x

Have a lovely lunch x


Morning Tara :)

Must admit your blog did put a big smile on my face and i was laughing but will try this :).

Tara i do breathing exercises that the therapist showed me and it does help when feeling lightheaded .

Don't get me wrong i love seeing my friends and catching up as i have not been to work since Jan because of panic attacks/anxiety and having trouble leaving the house. (suppose its like a safe haven) but i need to push and motivate myself otherwise i will never begin to get back on track.

Thank you so much for the blog appreciate good people and good friends.

Have a good day

Love Seyi xxx


It's all about small steps Seyi.

If meeting friends for lunch makes you anxious, take it back a step. Find something that involves leaving the house but maybe for a shorter time. Arrange to meet a friend and go for a short walk, when achieve small steps and realise there is no need to be anxious your brain will reward you with positive thoughts on your achievement.

There is nothing wrong with feeling your house is a safe haven, but it only becomes a prison if you let it.

Love T x


Hi Tara

Thank you for your comments do appreciate good sound advice.

The friends concerned have taking the day off work to come and visit me and thought a lunch would be perfect so i feel now i cannot let them down.

And you are correct i cannot let my home become a prison so therefore i need to find out why and what makes me feel so anxious. The therapist said to face and work on it but sometimes its so hard.

Thank you for replying to me

God Bless

Love Seyi xxx


Hi Seyi, try and go I'sure you will enjoy it when your get there. I didn't think I would make it into work yesterday but did it and forgot about how I felt for an hour or so !

Let us know how you get on.

Enjoy x


Hi seyi

Some great advice above, I do find when I'm meeting friends, I get so excited I start to get panicy, same happens at christmas :-)

I like to know where I'm going, I let my friends know how I'm feeling, and it all calms down and I enjoy myself in the end.

Just take it slowly, float around like a gentle butterfly, I know it sounds a bit way out, but it works.

Breathing I do the breathe in to the count of 4, breathe out to the count of 8,

in otherwords elongate the out breath,

doesn't have to be 4 doesn't have to be 8.

be gentle inside and focus your attention on you, lets say your heart, relax around your heart, send it loving thoughts relax, as you breathe very gently.

If the " what if " thoughts come accept them, there just thoughts, float through the anxiety, and dont be impatient with time. If we focus on the now, the present, time is not important anymore.

Wish you well,

Hope you have a great time




Hi Baylien

Thank goodness i have already put them in the picture and i am sure i am getting worked up for no reason. I will take your advice and i know breathing does help will also float through the thoughts have heard this before but never put into practice.

Sometimes i get upset because simple things are so difficult to achieve.

I just want to be the person i was before this awful demon attacked.

But then i suppose everyone else is saying exactly the same thing.

Thank you kindly for your comment

I wish you a good day


Love Seyi xxx


I try and tell myself that the only difference between panic and excitement is how I percieve it.... panic and excitement are the same feelings...... which is terrible for us anxious people......

Anyway I hope you are ok and enjoy your lunch!!

Ker xx


Thanks anne

Its just so difficult getting myself out the house somedays then try and relax and have lunch. I cannot sit still and always restless.( As if i have ants in my pants :) Still i will take everyones kind comments on board and hope the lunch goes smooth and i can sit enjoy relax and laugh.

Thank you


Love Seyi xxx


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