Got my fighting hat on today hahahahah

Woke up this morning and thought i am going to go out for some fresh air today regardless. I am fed up being stuck indoors and the world passing me by. I suffer with panic attacks and anxiety and have trouble going out which is making me a prisoner.

My husband said write a list and i will go and get the shopping something that he does every week for the main shopping. i was like i am coming today. He made no big deal about it and just let me sort myself out at my own pace.

On exiting the house i felt uneasy but thought keep going i managed to go to the local grocery farm. I kept looking at other people young and old thinking if they can do this so can i.

Was not easy must admit but i kept focused. When i got home made a cup of tea and thought have a few moments to collect my thought then going to visit my mother-in-law who's in her 90's.

I know we get good days and bad days but i needed to get motivated and with determination i mastered this today. Hope better days are ahead.


I hope everyone is having a good day and pray everyone finds some peace within themselves

Love Seyi xxx


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24 Replies

  • Hi seyi, uve really made me smile :-) uve got up and told it straight ur doing this and u have and im really happy for you. U will have better days ahead as well, take the bad with the good. U will get there with ur determation uve used today, and good on ur hubby for letting you do it in ur own pace xxx

  • Thanks donaf for the comment did make me smile also as its not like me to be honest but so fed up being a prisoner.

    So lovely on here for peoples encouragement. Hope your having a good day


    Love Seyi xxx

  • Hi there seyi and WELL DONE YOU., you took the bull by the horns and kicked its ass lol, I'm so pleased for you and proud of you. Many more good days to come xxxx :-)

  • Hi cookie thanks for you comments i am laughing about taking the bull by the horns and kicking ass. Like i said before i am really getting fed up being a prisoner. But thanks for the encouragement means so much to me and many others on here who suffer this problem.

    Hope your having a good day


    Love Seyi xxx

  • Ah well done seyi remember hun little steps will eventually make big ones now you have mastered this keep telling yourself i did really well i am so proud of myself and keep doing little things it will eventually get easier i am same at mo struggling a little but keep going out and telling it to bugga off well done hun :) xxxx

  • Thanks for you kind words and yes little steps but did make me laugh about bugga off i say more then that under my breath lol. But like you know never get two days the same.

    I wish you well

    Love Seyi xxx

  • Well done,you said you were looking at young and old,well,these young and old might well have problems the same as you and I.maybe worse,they all look normal but some of them would maybe have turmoil in there lives too.When my husband died and I went out I thought everyone must be looking at me and thinking I was "normal and happy" until I seen someone who had just lost their son in a tragic accident,they looked normal but I knew they had terrible unhappiness ,she was never able to back to her work and slept in her sons bed every night,I thought if she can do this so can I.So maybe you were not alone.

  • Thank you your right about looking at others and not knowing what sadness they are going through.

    Best wishes

    Love Seyi xx

  • Well done Seyi

    You did it , I am so pleased for you , you are so supportive & caring towards others on here , its nice to see positive things happening for you




  • Awww thank you so much whywhy for your support as you have always shown since i came to this site.

    You are always supportive and giving people encouragement with a caring nature.

    So glad i met you here.

    Take care

    Love Seyi xxx

  • I thought my problems were a lot to do with being on my own but I see you have a Husband and still suffer, I guess its something in us and we can't blame the circumstances. Wonderful to have a partner to share your life.Give him lots of love.

    I woke this morning after a disturbed night of dreams etc. and then felt shaky and anxious and yet yesterday I was so much better, its disappointing. I wonder if its the Mirtazapine, has anyone else experience of this, I have 30mg at night. Bless you all for being friends and sharing something that cannot be seen yet is so real . Hugs from me cotonroad.

  • Sorry to hear you had a disturbed night and i can appreciate when you feel shaky and anxious. Yes i have a husband who's my rock and my guardian angel i really could not manage without him. Although i know many people who have partner's with the same problem as myself. So i agree with you that even having support and a loving family it got its claws into me.

    How long have you been on Mirtazapine? I hope you have a restful sleep this evening and i thank you for your message. People are wonderful here with support and encouragement and hopefully we can all help each other. The good times and the bad.

    Take care

    Love Seyi xxx

  • Thanks so much I was on 15mg Mirtazapine for about 6 months and then when I hit a difficult patch about 7 weeks ago the doctor put it up to 30mg perhaps thats not long enough for full effect. XX cotonroad

  • HI seyi,

    Well done you>

    Its little steps at a time , and the rest will follow.

    I remember it well , just a great feeling isnt it ,

    Have a great Easter , B

  • Hi Margaret Yes must admit it was a wonderful feeling being i have trouble going out and suffer terribly with panic attacks and anxiety. Today i just thought enough is enough and feel sorry for my Husband doing the shopping and running around. Little steps as you say.

    Thank you for your kind words

    Have a great Easter.

    Love Seyi xxx

  • Well done and keep going. Xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • That is amazing! Thats exectly the way to treat it with the contempt it deserves. It has no right to steal your life. Youve worked damn hard to get this far so dont let any illness beat you! You deservr your life back and it will come back before you know it if you leep that up. This is from experience btw had my life stolen by panic atticks at the age of 21! Determined they are never stealin it back again xx keep goin you are doin amazin xxx

  • Good on you I have decided to do the same thing today I don't have the dreaded anxiety anymore thanks to my anti.d just feeling down. But today I'm going to go for a walk with my dog there's a lovely walk way close to where I live and I know I'll feel so much better when I come back from the walk. Well done!

  • well done seyi. first of many trips out I hope. good on your husband to be so patient with you as well.x

  • Thank you for your kind comment yes i am very fortunate to have such a very patient and understanding man. Strange but when i am with him i feel safe :)

    Have a good day

    Love Seyi xxx

  • Many of us are on here looking for answers.

    Sometimes something happens that is inspiring because the person who is writing sounds exactly like me and is battling successfully against their demons.

    Seyl, your problem is worse than mine but you are fighting it and if you can do it then so can I!!

    Donaf is right we will get through this - Onwards and Upwards!!

  • Hi thanks for you comment and there is nothing worse than to battle on a daily basis. Must agree it is inspiring when someone has managed to achieve a goal. Taking little steps is what i intend to do.

    Thanks again have a great day

    Love Seyi xxx

  • Every day is different from the day before.

    Be prepared to fight every day if need be.

    We WILL win. Our condition is known as the "illness of the strong"

    We MUST be prepared to prove that by fighting it.

    We possibly all have different ways to combat our problem, but there is usually one which has an effect. For most people it's exercise or a brisk walk, no matter what the weather, Though I have to admit that a bit of warmth and sunshine would help!!!

    MARCH ON!!!!


  • Thank you northwick for your reply "" March On really made me smile :) can picture myself now marching down the road. Your right everyday is a battle and i intend to fight but sometimes we have setbacks.

    I want to be able to get back my life return to work and enjoy my family without being anxious.

    Thanks again best wishes

    Love Seyi xxx

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