How does everyone stop the panic attacks

So i have bad anxoety with every symptom ive been on citalopram for 2 weeks which have made me ten times worse so far. I cant even get in a car anymore wothout having a full blown panic attack. I constantly feel panicky and always have that sinking feeling in my stomach and chest. I have troed breathing and most things but i just cant stop the panicking. Just wanted some advise on what others do to help


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  • Just focus on your breathing. And just stay calm even though your heart was beating fast dont minde it. Just calm your self and focus on your brething. Breathe in 4 seconds. Hold it for 7 seconds and exhale for 8 seconds.. it works for me i hope it will work for you too.

  • I will try it thank you. My heart isnt beating fast i just have a bad sinking feeling in my heart and stomach and my heart just feels like its going to explode

  • This feeling is awful and i have it hard to rationalise it too isnt it.Its a total overstimulation and adrenaline going crazy.

    Because i have this everyday i try and go for a walk with my baby.i find staying in and thinking about it makes it worse.

    Also lay off caffeine and alcohol as that makes it so much worse.just remember no matter how bad it feels it cannot hurt you x

  • I dont drink caffiene anymore. Ive been out today which did make it better but as soon as i go in a car it starts again. I cant drive anymore because of it x

  • Hey hun I was on them for a good few months and they didn't help me at all ..what dosage are you on as u might need lowing first then slowly bringing you up I've been on many med over the years but antidepressants are not for me I'm on antipsychotics x

  • Im only on 10mg

  • Yeah the fresh air really helps i sucks and is the worse feeling in the does get better, you just have to learn to live with it and not let it control you which i know is alot easier said than done!! x

  • Yeah ive had it for 5 years now

  • Hey Hollie. The best advice I can give here is to say just ride it out. The first time I took them I stopped. But two weeks into it, it eases off. For me personally these meds’ aren’t the remedy. Remember what got you to the meds. And see what relief they give you, so when you come off them you know what you need to do. Anxiety is a bitch, mainly because you know it’s not that deep, but at the time it’s all you can think of. I’m only 30. Message me if anything.

  • Thank you x

  • Hi hollieedridge

    The thing about anxiety is that we convince ourselves it has no basis for existing and that it's something we have no control over and that it happens to us but the truth is that it always has a reference point for its birth into being.

    At some point, we experienced something that began to play on our mind in some way and formed either quickly or over time, a subconscious narrative that played out for us in the form of anxiety. When we can realise this and change the narrative we will be able to rid ourselves of our anxiety.

    I work with individuals suffering from anxiety all the time and there is always a root cause.

    There are ways to change the way the subconscious plays out these narratives. depending on the individuals it is possible to alter the level of anxiety after only a few times of playing through this technique to be almost non-existent if not gone altogether.

    Contact me if you would like to find out more at any time.


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