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Man flu and other fine things

Evening guys just thought I'd say I've had a fairly good day today after a bit of a shocker over the weekend. Had a bit if anxiety all day, but I've managed to deal with it well. So all in all a good day that is until tonight now I think I've come down with my nieces cold so you may have to deal with me moaning about a touch of man flu this week :)

Hope everyone's Monday has been good. Here's to a good week


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O dear , well if it makes you feel better it has been proven that men do actually get "man flu "

So we are all ready ...moan away :-D

Hope you feel better soon , will look for your updates :-)





I'll use you as a source of information next time I get moaned at for having man flu lol

Hope your well whywhy



It is true , I cant remember what I was watching at the time , but it really had been proven , wasn't long ago either , wish I could remember , but yes they said men do get is worse :-D still not sure I believe it though ;-)

I don't usually say google , but if you put is man flu really an illness you might be able to find it , then you can print it of & frame it for everyone to see :-D



Oh dear, Will, there are so many nasty bugs going round at the moment.

We need sunshine badly now ~ surely it must be time for Spring??!!

Hope you feel better soon.



Well done coping with anxiety over the weekend :) makes you feel good knowing it can be controlled.

Sorry you have man flu (this always makes me smile) thinking when my husband has a cold all the lotions, potions, tablets, tissues. But i hope you feel better soon.

Take care


Love Seyi xxx


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