Medication and beverages?

Good evening/ afternoon/ morning all!

Just after a quick bit of advice as I can't seem to find a definite answer anywhere.

A very close family friend is coming to stay tonight for the 1st time in a couple of months for drinks and buffet etc. I bought myself a nice bottle of red on Sunday in anticipation but now that I've started medication (Sertraline, 25mg) I'm kinda scared to drink it!

Does anyone know (preferably from experience) if mixing SSRIs and alcohol carries any risks? I know booze can heighten anxiety but after the week I've had that's DEFINITELY a risk I'm willing to take! I just want to know if there's anything really bad that can happen! I'd be gutted to miss out on tonight for no reason.

Cheers in advance 😎 x


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  • I would just have one, unless your medication explicitly says DO NOT DRINK. Some say avoid some say DO NOT. Just be careful and stay safe

  • Hi and good evening, I take paxil 10 mg and pharmacist says wine is fine to have which I do and don't have problems with it. Of course don't over indulge!! Hope you have a fun evening! Btw, I know we're all here dealing with anxiety, but your writing style is really entertaining even on such a subject as anxiety!! I wish you well

  • The only thing I have experienced in the past is take it slow a lot of them tend to heighten the affect of alcohol so you might get drunk very quick!! And your anxiety may be more intense the next day just pace yourself and be safe, but have fun!!

  • Hello my friend, how did it go last night? More so, how is it going today?

  • Sincere apologies everyone! Had a busy couple of days (appointments, arranging for house viewing etc.) and haven't had chance to check on here!

    Thankyou all very much for your advice anyway 😊 Something extremely rare ended up happening on Friday night. I actually made an adult decision. All by myself. 😱😱 Yep, I didn't touch a single drop of booze in the end and still managed to sit and enjoy *some (*a gigantic amount of) food and banter which was splendid!

    I spoke to my doctor yesterday regarding alcohol consumption and he basically said exactly what you all did. I think (as I now haven't had a drink in nearly a fortnight 😩) I'm going to stick to abstinence until my next Dr's appointment (10th next month) to make it eaiser to determine what effect the medication is having/ will have. Think it'll do me good after a pretty heavy summer anyway! I'm having some strange things going on (although doctor doesn't seem concerned) with the Sertraline so far and I really don't want to do ANYTHING to exacerbate that and/ or prolong the time they're going to take to work! I'm considering posting about the symptoms I'm having so far later to see if anyone can relate but I'll see how I feel! All in all though (besides a slight "hiccup" on Saturday night) I seem to be getting on pretty well with them.

    Anyway thanks again for your comments (Francesca61 I'm glad you like my writing style!) and all the best to all of you! 😎 x

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