Frustrated and afraid

Hi everyone was laying in bed and all of a sudden my heart skipped a beat I havent had this in awhile and if I must say its one of the symptoms that I hate because its so scary I had a long and stressful day yesterday and lastnite didnt get much sleep. With just a few hours left into approaching the new year I wish nothing but the best for all of us and to control our anxiety to the fullest instead of it controlling us how do you deal with skipped heartbeats??


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  • I've had some today, and a few days ago and last week. Told my doc yesterday, just anxiety I'm told.

  • Breathe slowly.

    Try drinking and sipping ice cold water.

    Also if you think of a negative thought replace it with two happy ones right away, no delay.

    Also keep posting here :-)

    Look after yourself my friend.

  • I am basically just living with mines. I have them, there nothings that can be done about so i just have to accept it now. It really sucks. I can't run anymore. It's scary because sometimes they are small and sometimes big. I had two yesterday. It seems like they happen when I eat a hearty meal and air goes through my body and travels. It seems like when I lay in a certain position it will sometimes happen.

  • Thank you all for your replies it puts my mind at ease I remember one time I had a bigggg one omg I was in anxiety mode for the rest of the day they have happened a few times so now I just try to not let them get to me I try to think positive.

  • I have that sometimes, I learned a technique many years ago. What you do is take a deep breath hold it for 5 seconds then release slowly blowing out with your mouth like a pucker, once you have released your air hold that for another 5 seconds you do this for about 3 to 4 times until you feel relaxed. You can build up your tolerance for how long you hold and release but don't hold longer then 9 seconds because it might cause more anxiety in some people . keeping a positive mind will help with this anxiety for example don't allow your self to watch negative, scary and injustice movies, stay away from negative people and meditation really helps also yoga! Good luck and I hope this helps you :)

  • I'm sorry buddy. :( I couldn't sleep AT ALL the night before last and barely any last night and it has had my pulse up since yesterday which gave me a palpitation today while laying on the couch. It's annoying but just part of anxiety. :/ I just try to take my focus off of it. And remind myself it's okay for that to happen. :)

  • Sorry your feeling the way you are all, sometimes I wonder if most of our problems are worrying about what has past and if that is the case that seems to me to be the strangest of our conditions as when you think about it is to late when it is past. We need to ask ourselves why we are feeling the way we are and if it is something in the past what is the point of worrying,it is over,so why worry

    One thing I need to ask is why you started to feel the way you did then ?? what was the reason ?? There must be something that makes us feel the way we do,why panic?? with our stressful thoughts, and why did yesterday bring on these negative feelings ??. Just a suggestion I have been thinking about for years , regarding my condition.

    I would love every ones view on that ??.

    Happy New Year


  • Sometimes for me I dont even be worried at all an it happens I really wana do therapy because mayb some professional coubselling might bring me to terms of why im having these anxiety attacks because I do tell myself im ok I mean im not happy with everythinf in my life but I dnt think its something particularly thats happening in my life to make me anxious

  • Yes had then before Dr gave me beta blockers still get the odd one. Not a medical expert but if your not out of breath or getting any chest pain it's probably anxiety and stress but check to put your mind at test

  • Your lack of sleep and stress coukd if caused it. :(

    I had one a few minutes ago and I just force myself to think of good things like a previous poster said :)

    That's as of late and it works

    You should get a therapist

    I got to talk to one the other day and it helps a ton they reassure you that it's okay to have certain thoughts and they tell you that yes your heart palpitations are very real and that you shouldn't be afraid of them.

    Amongst other things depending on each person, and you stressors can be subconsious and they can help you find out what's causing your anxiety.

    Happy new year!!

    And may this be our year to over come this beast :)

  • Just done the first foot up here and again I wonder if my condition will change for the New Year.

    They say up here it is out with the bad and in with the good, strange to say what was current yesterday is still slinking about on the 1 Jan. My medical appointments are still there, we are still awaiting the Plumber and this year I will be one year older in August.

    My meetings are still showing on the old and new calender and we will be making important decisions in year 15.

    Nothing has changed all life problems will bite me on my behind the same way as last year. All we can hope is that we all try and look positive to a sorting of our conditions for 2015

    All the best


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