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Created my own drama

Was so happy the other day when I went a bought a new car and couldn't wait to get it.

Thought I was getting a really good deal and decided as I had moved out not to consult my mum and dad( like I had with my previous cars) anyway turns out I have signed up for a PCP contract and I'm limited to £6000 miles per annum, which is useless, I tried earlier to see if I could use my cooling off period, basically I can cancel the agreement but I'd have to pay the full car off.

I can't believe how silly I've been...really just proved that I'm 27 and shouldn't be allowed out on my I'm now stuck with a car that I can only go a maximum of 115 miles a week in.

I've got myself in a right state about much I've effed up over this :-(


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Oh Ashley

Well not sure what to say

Maybe you are not quite ready to be out on your own :-/

Couldnt you ask your Mum to look over it & see if there maybe a way out , or you could phone trading standards tomorrow & ask them you never no , its worth asking , you wont be any worse of

If after all you are stuck with it well , you will not like this , but in life we sometimes have to learn by our mistakes & some can be expensive ones , but usually we dont forget those in a hurry

Try not to be effed of , its not going to change anything

Sorry I think I am better with the palp posts , but someone might be able to help more





I'm just too impulsive...I always just jump into things without thinking. It's been my problem my whole life.

Maybe one day I'll learn




Dont beat yourself up , doesnt matter what age we are , we are forever learning in life , I think thats what it is all about

Hope you feel a bit better about it all today :)



Hi Ashley I don't no much about this sort of thing, but I would suggest you ring CAB and get advice, I thought there should be a cooling of period with this .In the meantime I do no somebody who used to be a car sales person, I will ask them tomorrow if they no about this sort of thing. I will post and let you no.




Hi Bonnie

Thanks very much I appreciate that. I've slept on it and I still feel quite funny about it all. Maybe a few years ago I would have been okay with it but now I'm a complete panic merchant lol xxx


Oh Ashley, it's not just you, honestly. I'm nearly twice your age & wouldn't have a clue about this, I don't even know what PCP means. So many things I really don't understand now. I've got myself into so many messes you wouldn't believe, I'm told it's called 'learning'. We all do it pet.

You know how we think our parents know everything? Well I'll tell you a secret, it wasn't always like that, they learnt from their mistakes too.

Sorry, wish I could be of more practical help but at least know you're not alone.



That makes total sense....I don't know why I seek my parents approval so much. I feel I wish I could just break the chains of them but the truth is I'm always going to want to know I've done okay in my parents eyes, well maybe more my mum I'm not too fussed about me dad lol xxx


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